windows media player

  1. R

    Problems with Windows Media Player?

    I recently ripped a mix CD onto Windows Media Player, with windows 7. When I tried to find the album info for all of the tracks, the player screwed everything up and now thinks that all the tracks from the mix CD are from the same album and artist. I tried renaming the tracks and artist info...
  2. J

    iTUNES 7.0 PROBLEM: sound quailty messed up??

    Today, when i opened iTunes, i upgraded it to 7.0. Well, when i went to play a song, it sounded HORRIBLE, like it was playing on the highest volume, but not high volume, u know, that sort of distorted sound, like if the speaker busted. i tried other music on windows media player and it worked...
  3. Y

    Problem with iTunes 7.1.1?

    I am using iTunes 7.1.1, running on a Sony Vaio with Windows XP. Everything has worked well until recently. I had run a recording program AUDACITY. The next time I attempted to open iTunes I got the message "iTunes can not run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration."...
  4. H

    Windows Media Player problem?

    For some reason, every time I click on the windows Media Player icon, it says:"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the time."But...if I open something through "Open with...Windows Media Player" . It works. What's wrong...
  5. D

    Uninstalling WMP 12 On Windows 7 help?

    Okay i tried playing a .avi file and it got the error server failed thing. I looked it up and read that uninstalling it would fix it. so now, i ran into another problem, uninstalling it. can anyone tell me how to uninstall WMP without repair disks etc...?
  6. frogholler9

    windows media player won't burn?

    I've ripped some songs on a cd and now my player won't burn them for me like it used to. I've never had a problem with it before. Help please. My tower has two places to put a cd and neither one will work. I have windows xp home edition.
  7. eloans1

    [Help!] How to Watch a Movie

    I still have not been able to watch a single movie yet. I have tried everything I can think of but keep getting this message when trying to watch ...."file://C:/Users/frank/Pictures/Any Video Converter Professional v3.1.2/Skyline-AC3-XviD-BRRip 2010 TBS/~uTorrentPartFile_5D604969.dat" Any...
  8. B

    windows media player 11 help?

    i just downloaded lots of movies from frostwire and want to watch them...when i double click them it says codec required and i need help with thisproblem plus it only plays sound only when i click the movieps...i have windows media 11 and windows xp
  9. Sam I Am

    iRiver T30 Windows media sync help?

    I have an iRiver T30 and Windows media player, not sure what the version of it is but I checked for updates and its the most current. My problem is that when I try to sync music to it, it only syncs the first song and then for the second and so on it says "preparing to sync." How can I fix it...
  10. A

    How do I watch video files from my pc to my ps3?

    I set up the ps3 and the pc (windows XP) to share files through windows media player 11 and it works with my mp3 files, however every time i try to watch a video i click play and the screen goes black until i press "o" or a network error appears.Hoping i can get a step by step guide on how to...
  11. CASPER

    [New file] DM500 EDG4.4 CCcam 2.1.1+Newcs 1.66 Full Motor

    DM500 EDG4.4 CCcam 2.1.1+Newcs 1.66 Full Motor A fully configured image ready for any motorised system. Use DreamUP Only To Flash This Image ATTENTION MOTOR IMAGE: GotoX is turned off to avoid your motor moving after flashing leave the lnb cable out start your Dreambox and configure...
  12. G

    IPPVR Discussion

    Hello everybody, Does anyone else us the IPPVR software to record. I am able to view the video but no sound on wmp. Any help would be appriciated. gstev
  13. R

    Windows Media Player doesn't recognize my AT&T Tilt?

    Hi, I'm at my wit's end with this - I've been scouring the internet for two months trying to find a solution, and nothing has worked. Here's what's happening: I used to have a Samsung Blackjack and Windows XP and was able to sync my media. I upgraded to Vista Home Premium, and was unable to sync...
  14. CASPER

    Guia en Video de como poner llaves a una Viewsat

    Guia en Video de como poner llaves a una Viewsat espero esta guia de video de viewsat le ayude esta muy completo
  15. L

    How do I add music or file to my iriver MP3 player without using WMP?

    I'm running Windows XP Pro. I never had this problem before I reformatted, I could just browse the files as I would any drive. It doesn't show up anymore though with two different players.well, I can't even get WMP to work. The files are already in MP3 format.
  16. C

    2-13-08 Comment from BlackList

    Below is a copy of the IRC chat with BlackList. He came on to dispell the notion that he had been busted. [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» ««« Thanks For The "Op's" Future-BoT »»» [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Hey Guys [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» lol [11:25pm]« Cuetip » hello BL[11:25pm]« FtaMan » bl hey [11:25pm]...
  17. H

    windows media player?

    ok,i have this mp3 player called sandisk sansa shaker,and we have to use windows xp to transfer music.the problem is everytime i sync it,not all of the music i wanted go to go through,and only some of it end up in my mp3.can anyone tell me the poper steps of tranferring music & syncing it?ithink...
  18. G

    Xbox 360 media sharing problem (PC)?

    Ok, so ive had this problem EVER SINCE I GOT MY XBOX which was bout 2 years ago.Ive NEVER been able get a connection between my computer and my xbox.I use Ethernet connection and the ethernet goes from the xbox to the router and my computer goes from ethernet to my router....I have a BT Home Hub...
  19. Rumas

    LG KG800 Chocolaet cell phone Review

    Multimedia Bluetooth Capable V CAST Music and Video 1.3 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder microSDTM Memory Port Touch-Sensitive Navigation Keys MUSIC Music Player With Customizable Effect/ Equalizer and Player Theme (supports MP3 and WMA formats) V CAST Music download and play full-length songs...
  20. Rumas

    Lots Of Windows Xp Tips, Take A Look !

    Lock XP Workstation (#1) You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter 'rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation' in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like. That's it -- just double click...