GTA 5 Walkthrough All Epsilon Program Missions


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The Epsilon Missions are weird and you must be Michael to do them. You will not be able to play them until you visit the Epsilon website.

Epsilon Program - Seeking The Truth:
Open up your web browser and type:

...or just hit Random until it appears.

Click the "Evaluate your identity" and answer however you like.

Head to Raton Canyon and find the red truck. You now need to wait for a text message to start the next mission.

Epsilon Program - Accepting The Truth:
Once you receive a text message you can begin the mission "Accepting the Truth".

Go to the Epsilon website and donate $500.

A question mark will appear in Vinewood. Go there and enter the seemingly empty building and watch the cut scene.

You will now be asked to donate another $5,000 via the Epsilon Program's website.

You may need to wait some time for the next mission to appear. So forget about it for a while and do some other missions in the game. Switching characters for some time seemed to help.

Epsilon Program - Assuming The Truth:
The next mission will be in Grapeseed. Go there and watch the cut scene, then leave the area.

You will now need to find some cars for the Epsilon Program. You will need to deliver all the cars to a garage in Vinewood Hills. Try to do so with little damage to the cars.

All five car locations are marked on the map in this section.(In the video)

1) The Pegassi Vacca can be found parked in a driveway close to Franklin's home in Vinewood Hills.

2) The Benefactor Surrano is in a neighborhood in Vinewood Hills near a lake. I found it in a small parking lot, but you can also find it in other driveways on this street.

3) I found the Dinka Double-T in west Vinewood. You can also find it around the golf club. It will be parked across the street in front of a large apartment building.

4) The Enus Super Diamond can be found driving on the same road as the place you will be delivering it to. You can also find it near a place called Leopolls. The car is in the rear parking lot here.

5) The Declasse Tornado is all over the place in North Vinewood. I found it near Vaspucci Canals.

Once you deliver the last vehicle you will need to wait for a text message.

Epsilon Program - Chasing The Truth:
Once you have received the text message, the mission "Chasing the Truth" will show up on your map.

Use the so called "incredible meter" to find a bunch of junk.

To get Gold:
  • Use the Force - You will need to find the artifact without using the meter. In other words, you will need to memorize the location of the boot and play the mission over again. Once you find the boot the mission will end, you will be told to donate $10,000 to the Epsilon Program.

Epsilon Program - Bearing The Truth:
Once you have donated $10,000 to the Epsilon Program. You will need to wait a few days (in the game) for the "Bearing the Truth" mission to show up. Sleeping will often cause it to appear on the map.

You now need to go to the Epsilon website and buy the Epsilon robes for a whopping $25,000!

Go to Michael's home and sleep a few times until the robe is delivered. Boy, will Michael look cool in this!!

You now need to pass 10 days. The best way to do this is to sleep 40 times, as 6 hours will pass with each sleep.

Epsilon Program - Delivering The Truth:
Once you are done sleeping you will get a text and "Delivering the Truth" shows up on the map.

When you arrive at the mission you will find a plane waiting. You will need to Fly it to the Sandy Shores Airfield.

To get gold:
  • Touchdown - Land the plane without damaging it.
  • Zondar the Bridge - Fly under any bridge near Fort Zancudo on your way to the Airfield.

Epsilon Program - Exercising The Truth:
You will have to wait for "Exercising the Truth" to show up on the map.

You will need to drive out to the Grand Senora Desert. Make sure you are wearing your cool Epsilon outfit, otherwise the mission will not start!

You will now have to do the most senseless thing in this game. You will need to remain within the boundaries of the Grand Senora Desert and run, jog, or walk five miles. All of it must be done on foot. This will take 40 real minutes to complete.

The best thing I found to do is find a good spot where there are no bobcats and place a rubber band on the 2 analogue sticks, pulling them together.


This will make you walk in a circle. You can now walk away from your controller and let the rubber bands do the annoying work.

Once you are done Chris will call you and let you know you have finished. Now switch to Franklin and sleep.

The next mission should appear near Michael's house.

Epsilon Program - Unknowing The Truth:
The next mission is the last one.

Make sure to wear your Epsilon Robes and have $50,000 and you can begin the mission.

This mission can end two ways:

1) The first and recommended way is as follows. When you arrive at the pick up point shoot everyone.

Use Michael's special ability and shoot the helicopter pilot first. Shooting him will make the getaway a lot easier.

Once you get away you will be rewarded $2,100,000. This way will earn you gold.

But, If you steal the money, you will not be given any hints, to the locations of the Epsilon tracts.

2) The other way is to let them take the money. If you choose this way you will be rewarded with a useless tractor.

Take the $2,100,000 instead!

To get gold:
  • Cult Intervention - Kill all Epsilon security
  • Show me the Money - Steal the Epsilon money and escape


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GTA 5 Walkthrough: Epsilon Tract Locations:

You can collect these after you finish the main Epsilon missions. Just wait till you get a text from Marnie afterwards.