GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 79 - The Third Way (Option C)


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Franklin can't do it, he can't kill his friends, luckily he has a third choice!

Head to Franklin's place and find the way point inside.

Devin Weston pays a visit and urges Franklin to make his choice.

Franklin's phone gives you 3 options:
  • Option A: Kill Trevor.
  • Option B: Kill Michael.
  • Option C: Deathwish.
Choose 'Option C Deathwish' to begin this mission.

Drive to Lester's house and watch the cut scene.

Then drive to Lamar's house, he'll be waiting on the street.

Then drive to the foundry, go inside and watch the cut scene.

Merryweather will begin entering the building. Start firing!

Swap to the character that has the most red dots by him.

Use explosives on large groups when you can.

Swap to Franklin once Lamar asks for help. Jump over the railing and walk along the east wall and exit the door you came in.

Once you're outside, use explosives to help thin down the targets.

Trevor will go quiet, swap back to Michael. Jump over the railing, run through the middle of the building. (There is some cover here, if you need it.)

Once you locate Trevor, another wave of enemies enters the building, take them out.

Once they're cleared, exit the building.

Once out, use explosives on the vehicles.

Keep swapping between characters until you're clear.

Now walk to the way point and watch the cut scene.

Time to tie up some loose ends. You have four targets and you can kill the first 3 in any order.

Wei Cheng:

Drive to the way point. Cheng will be in front of a hotel getting in to his car.

Use Franklin's special ability, and throw 3 Sticky Bombs on the cars, drive off and detonate them.

If you miss, you will need to chase them.

Steve Haines:

Now switch to Trevor.

Drive out to the pier marked by the way point.

You will find Steve Haines recording his TV show on the Ferris wheel.

Find a good spot and snipe him from a distance, lose your wanted level if necessary.


Now switch to Michael.

Stretch is very easy.

Drive to the Rec Center marked by the way point. Activate Michael's special ability and take out all the targets.

There will only be about 10 targets and they'll chase after you if you run. So just stay until they're all dead.

Devin Weston:

Now back to Trevor. Devin Weston is your final target. Weston's home is well guarded.

Just go in shooting. There are about ten guards to take out. Use Trevor's special ability to plow through.

Then go to the pool and watch a cut scene.

Now drive to the final way point.

Congratulations you just finished the game!

To get gold:
  • Time - Complete this mission before 21 minutes and 30 seconds. Move fast at the foundry. Use explosives on the vehicles for multiple target kills and skip the cut scenes to save time.
  • Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with headshots. So many opportunities.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Don't shoot wildly, make sure you're hitting a target, and use Auto aim.
  • Slick, Tick... Boom! - Kill Cheng with Sticky bombs. This is the best method to eliminate Cheng anyway.
  • Lead Lobotomy - Kill Steve Haines with a headshot.
  • Stretched Out - Kill Stretch with a melee attack. This is difficult. Get close to Stretch, take out your Knife, kill him. Switch to a gun, activate Michael special ability and take out the rest of the targets.