How do you get crazy glue off an LCD monitor screen?

Lucee Girl

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I accidently got crazy glue on the corner of my lcd monitor on the screen and frame, I have tried 2 cleaners and my lcd wipes to get it off but it looks like i am doing more damage than good, now i have a dark splotch + crazy glue in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Is there a way to overcome this or do i have to spend 300 more bucks on another 22" lcd monitor?luckily its just in the top corner and most of it is on the frame, but whenever i have something white or black up i do notice it, it doesnt stick out like a soar thumb but it is there and can be seen, My comp is show grade and i take it to alot of shows so i guess ill have to replace the monitor. glad i didnt get any on the side window of the computer case


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I think you're screwed. Any other cleaner than the LCD cleaner voids your warranty, usually. Better break out the checkbook.

A Computer Tech

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I think the foolish mistake cost alot.Crazy glue is pretty strong to not to be remove plus if you break the LCD then it still going to cost you.You better off leaving it alone or sell it to somone who want to take on a challenge then use the money toward a new LCD monitor.