1. Yeti

    How do you replace a broken LCD screen on a laptop?

    I cracked my LCD screen on my laptop when I dropped something on it. Can I replace the part myself? ...and what is a good price to do that? $100-$200? Is it cheaper to just buy a new laptop?
  2. H

    How do i figure out if a Monitor is a LCD monitor?

    how can i figure out if a monitor is a LCD monitor instead of just a flat screen monitor?
  3. P

    Using Monitor filter or change mine to LCD monitor could be better for my eyes?

    I'm sitting in front of the computer most of the day and still not using any filter to my CRT monitor.What could be better to prevent my pain in eyes? Using a filter to the CRT or changing my monitor to LCD one?
  4. Lucee Girl

    How do you get crazy glue off an LCD monitor screen?

    I accidently got crazy glue on the corner of my lcd monitor on the screen and frame, I have tried 2 cleaners and my lcd wipes to get it off but it looks like i am doing more damage than good, now i have a dark splotch + crazy glue in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Is there a way to...
  5. W

    How to repair backlight of hp vs17 lcd monitor?

    The backlight of my hp vs17 lcd monitor went bad and I can't find any information about replacing it or which kind of backlight it requires. Help is appreciated.
  6. M

    Is it worth replacing a Broken Back light in an LCD monitor?

    Hi, I have a FP91G Benq LCD monitor and today, i think the backlight broke.The power light of the screen comes on and you can see a very faint image when there is light shined onto the screen.My question is, is it worth getting the back light replaced or would it be cheaper buying a new screen?
  7. M

    What would be a good replacement LCD monitor?

    I currently have an Asus MK221H which is a 22" LCD. It has served me well for a few years now, but I now need a monitor with component input(s) and at least 1 HDMI input. Something for around $200.00 and greater than or equal to 22" would be ideal. Any suggestions? Newegg preferred.

    Holiday sales: How low will HDTV prices go?

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    Pioneer to launch LCD HDTVs in North America next year

    Pioneer to launch LCD HDTVs in North America next year by Darren Murph, posted Sep 17th 2008 at 5:29PM On the whole, we'd say KURO plasma owners are pretty stoked about their sets. Those who'd prefer a KURO-branded LCD, however, have been waiting anxiously to hear something more from ole...
  10. Rumas

    LCD and Plasma Differences?

    I see this question a lot so I thought I would post this info I found, it helps to differentiate between the two; Plasma vs LCD The ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are: 1. Larger screen size availability. 2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks. 3. Better color accuracy...
  11. KeepDaPornAlive

    Crt Vs. LCD

    There's a warming feeling I still get when I sit near my CRT monitor. The radiation that comes off it every time I click from screen to screen is heart felt and relaxing. With an LCD I just don't get the same satisfaction. I need to burn electricity, like a Big Block V8 with no exhaust and leaky...