Crt Vs. LCD


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There's a warming feeling I still get when I sit near my CRT monitor. The radiation that comes off it every time I click from screen to screen is heart felt and relaxing. With an LCD I just don't get the same satisfaction. I need to burn electricity, like a Big Block V8 with no exhaust and leaky fuel lines. Please band with me and keep the hope alive, LCD should have never advanced past the alarm clock or wrist watch, it's pure evil I tell you! EVIL!!!


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LCD's not only save desk space but energy to. My old Sony 19" G400 CRT use 140 watts. My ViewSonic's 20.1" VX2035wm uses only 43. That a 97 watt savings. 1 100 watt light bulb!:idea: Plus LCD's are easier on your eyes. No flicker! Well worth it for me!!


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i won't give up my ibm 22 inch pc monitor or 46 inch lcd 1080p for nothin....just my opinion.


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Actually CRT and LCD both are good at their place because LCD saves space while CRT does not save space and the CRT offers for editing colors cannot be had in an LCD monitor. LCD monitors are extremely economical when it comes to power consumption. Now a days people are buying LCD more because of its look.