Should I get an Widescreen LCD monitor for my computer?


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I use my home computer for surfing the Internet and playing games. I don't watch movies on my computer. I see that most of the LCD monitors on the market are wide screens. Is there any reason that I should get a wide screen monitor for my home computer? What are the any advantages to getting a wide screen monitor besides watching movies?Thanks for your help.


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I don't watch movies on my computer either. In my opinion, the extra room is just wasted space.I suggest if you want *useful* extra computing space, you invest in dual-monitors instead.It may seem rather absurd at first, but I don't know how I can function without them nowadays. It was a very good investment!You can check email on one monitor and surf the web on the other. You can play a game on one monitor, and chat with friends on the other. It really increases "productivity" (if that's the word you'd like to use!)If you have additional questions about dual monitors, feel free to email me!


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even if you only play games, a widescreen monitor will increase your field of vision and may make your game experience seem more realistic. you may see more of the action with the extra screen display. i have gotten one a year ago and the cost was reasonable. now, i wouldn't like to be without it.


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I think you should just get a normal screen if you're only using it for internet and playing games. I got myself a widescreen Samsung SyncMaster 940NM, and I only use it for surfing and chatting. It distorts the photos that I'm viewing. I look fatter in my photos and it frustrates me.
LCD widesreen is not really good for Movies it creates Ghosting in fast Phase action ...LCD is quite nice in surfing and even Gaming but choose the lowest Responsed Time(4Ms or 2Ms} to prvent Ghosting..."Samsung 940 BW" has 4Ms .....I used one it's a 19" LCD good performance don't have problem with it Tho..."ViewSonic" has good reviews and same Specs with the Branded ones in the market...Just want to remind you that most Branded LCD manufacturers includes "Samsung" parts on their products coz they believe on quality parts..... Hope this gives youa small Idea about Monitors...(LCD)