Paris honors 'Mad Men' creator


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PARIS – Paris is formalizing its fascination with "Mad Men" by giving a medal to the hit series' creator and executive producer, Matthew Weiner.

Two of the series' stars, Christina Hendricks, who plays office manager Joan Harris, and John Slattery, who plays ad agency partner Roger Sterling, flanked Weiner at the ceremony Tuesday at Paris' City Hall.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe's top official for cultural matters presented Weiner with the Vermeil medal for cultural and other contributions to society.

"I fell in love with Paris through the movies," said Weiner, adding that it was "very meaningful" to be given the award.

"Mad Men," which traces the lives of advertising executives in 1960s New York, has been a hit with French fans. Photographers and camera crews mobbed the three on their way in and out of the ceremony.

Weiner, Hendricks and Slattery were also in Paris to promote the Feb. 17 high-definition premiere of "Mad Men" on the Sundance Channel in France.