Snow White's Evil Queen is Cast and Julia Roberts is the Fairest of Them All


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Julia Roberts has signed on to portray The Evil Queen in the upcoming live-action, yet still untitled, "Snow White" movie. Roberts, the 43 year old actress, closed the deal to become the villain in the film directed by Tarsem Singh.

I consider Tarsem Singh to be one of the true visionaries in filmmaking today. Singh only directed two movies since 2000 but has done enough to catch the attention of a number of Hollywood luminaries. Both David Fincher and Spike Jonze promoted Singh's second feature, the amazing film, "The Fall." Singh's third feature, "Immortals," hits theaters in November 2011.

That is part of the reason why I think he is able to secure the services of an actress with Julia Roberts' pedigree.

Julia Roberts garnered critical attention with smaller roles in movies like "Mystic Pizza" and "Steel Magnolias," though she finally became a major star in her own Cinderella story, "Pretty Woman," in 1990. For a time, Julia Roberts was Hollywood's leading woman, earning more per movie than any other actress working.

Recently, Roberts eased off her work schedule while raising her children. Since her Oscar win for "Erin Brockovich" in 2000, Roberts has only played the lead role in a small number of films. Most recently, she headlined the romantic drama, "Eat Pray Love."

"Julia was our first and only choice to play the Queen," Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of film company Relativity Media, said in a statement. "She is an icon, and we know that she will make this role her own in a way that no one else could."

Variety reports that "Snow White" will pass on the traditional story, instead placing the fairy tale in the modern world. The script has Snow White teaming up with a gang of seven quarrelsome dwarves to fight her evil stepmother, who killed her father and destroyed his kingdom.

This reminds me of 2007 when Disney released "Enchanted," a movie that spoofed the classic Disney princess fairy tales by placing them in the modern world. Susan Sarandon played the Evil Queen in that