Suspect in Dominican death wanted in Montreal



Jordan Morrison, shown in this undated photo, was vacationing in Dominican Republic with his parents when he was beaten to death.

One of the Montreal men accused in the killing of Jordan Morrison in the Dominican Republic was already being sought by Canadian law enforcement officials, the CBC has learned.

Dymitro Aref Yev, 21, had a warrant out for his arrest in Montreal. He and another man arrested in the Dominican Republic — Bouzid Redha, 21 — face criminal charges in Montreal.

Both have now been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Morrison, 19, of Barrie, Ont., on Feb. 4. Morrison died in the resort town of Punta Cana on the way to hospital after being beaten outside a nightclub.

Aref Yev is charged in Montreal along with two other men in what was called a botched heist. On Jan. 4, three men tried to pry an automated teller machine out of the wall of a bank using a crowbar. They didn't succeed.

Montreal police arrested three men near the bank, and they were to appear in court on Jan. 18. Aref Yev failed to show up.

Several months before, he had begun serving a two-year probation term after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon causing harm.

Another Canadian who was arrested in the Dominican Republic incident, but not charged, is Sid Ahmed Zakar Kara, also known as Zakaria.

He is awaiting trial in Montreal on four charges, among them attempted theft over $5,000 in an incident that took place in November 2010.

Aref Yev and Redha remain in custody in the Dominican Republic.

The fight that led to Morrison's death Feb. 4 allegedly followed an incident in which someone spat on a woman in a nightclub near closing time at the hotel bar.

Morrison, who had Asperger's syndrome, reportedly came to her assistance and was assaulted.