unreal 2 cheats


Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter BeMyMonkey() to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following cheat codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter BeMyMonkey() again to disable cheats

Ammunition for all weapons - AllAmmo()
Toggle God mode for selected actor - GodEx(<actor>)
Toggle Phoenix Powersuit - Phoenix()
Enemy fears you - FearMe()
Ghost mode - Ghost()
Flight mode - Fly()
Underwater mode - Amphibious()
Return to normal walking mode - Walk()
Slow motion - SloMo(<number>)
Set jump height - SetJumpZ(<number>)
Toggle unlimited ammunition - ToggleInfiniteAmmo()
Toggle reloads - ToggleReloads()
Toggle invisibility - ToggleInvisibility()
Teleport to location looked at - Teleport()
Level skip - NextLevel()
Map select - Open(<map name>)
Double speed - ToggleSpeed()
Set player speed - SetSpeed(<number>)
Set player size - ChangeSize(<number>)
Toggle God mode on selected pawn - TogglePawnInvulnerability(<pawn>)
Summon array pf goodies - Goodies(<number>, <number>)
Spawn indicated item - Sum(<item name>)
List all actors - Actors()
Go to selected actor location - GotoActor(<actor>)
Give specified damage to target - Damage(<number>, <target>)
Give specified damage to NPCs - DamageNPCs(<number>)
Give specified health to target - SetHealth(<number>, <target>)
Set player health - SetMyHealth(<number>)
Harm player by specified amount - HurtMe(<number>)
Damage all visible pawns - ManCannon(<number>)
Toggle animation servos - ToggleServos()
Show player teams - ShowTeams()
Change game difficulty - Difficulty(<number>)
See view from indicated actor - CheatView(<actor>)
Target camera on player - ViewSelf()
Enable time demo - ToggleTimeDemo()
Toggle scoreboard - ToggleScoreBoard()
Toggle free orders - EnableFreeOrders(<0 or 1>)
Toggle behind view - BehindView()
Set particle density - SetParticleDensity(<number>)
Toggle impacts - ToggleImpacts()
Toggle weapon tick code - SetWeaponTick(<0 or 1>)
Toggle weapon firing - SetWeaponFire(<0 or 1>)
Show all hidden actors - ToggleShowAll()
Show all keypoints - ToggleShowKPs()
Show all navigation points - ToggleShowNPs()
Toggle Rmode - ToggleRMode()
Set player eye height - SetEyeHeigth()
Kill indicated actor - KillActor(x)
Kill actor under crosshair - KillHitActor()
Kill NPC under crosshair - KillHitNPC()
Kill all active NPCs - KillActiveNPCS()
Kill all dormant NPCs - KillDormantnPCS()
Gib all NPCs - GibAllNPCS()
Gib NPC under crosshair - GibHitNPC()
Toggle players only - PO()
Toggle freeze view - ToggleFreezeView()
Toggle HUD - ToggleHUD()
Set camera distance - SetCameraDist(<number>)
Toggle free camera movement - FreeCamera(0/1)