Windows movie maker HUGE problem!!!!?


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In school we have to do a very important 2 minute video. We are given our own Windows laptops and we share 7 video cameras. Due next wednesday. Every one (class of 23) has uploaded video fine, and they are working in movie maker (we have to), there video quality is great. BUT when I upload my videos I follow the same exact procedure as everyone else, and my recorded tape looks GREAT on playback on the video camera, but when it is finished loading on my computer it comes up blurrier than everyone elses, like random blobs of my video are out of focus, the screen will have random pixels (rare). So me and my teacher did the folllowing trying to solve it:-Used a different camera (same tape)-Used a different tape different camera-Uploaded the video on another computer-Used different firewires/cords-Uploaded someones elses video on my computer (wouldnt upload to my computer??)-Traded my computer in for a new one-The camera is on auto focusWHAT SHOULD I DO?sorry for the bad grammar-used a tripodit is not terribly blurry, but it is not as clear as everyone elses-i have different zooms, i could be zoomed all the way out and it will be blurry, or half way, or all the wayi am stressing outit is due next wednesday, and i can only work on it at school (12:30 to 2:45)we cant take it homeno one else is having this problemi have used almost all the cameras and even the new one and it is still blurry, it cant be the camera since we all share them...or the firewires we share those too, or the usb cords, we share those toohow could it be my computer?i traded it for a new one, BUT i just signed in to my same account on my new computer, so could it be something within my account?sorry this is soo longafter everything I tried, it was blurrywhen i tried uploading someone elses video, it wouldnt upload, it didnt say there was a problem, no window popped up saying i couldnt download, I would hit "Start capture" and where the time (0:00:00) shows how much has downloading STAYED at 0:00:00, only with someone elses tape, my tape starts right awayi have tried a third tape, still blurry, you have tyo understand that i dont mean it is extremely blurryjust blobs will be fuzzy or out of focusyou can clearly see what i am filming just not as clear as my classmates, definitely not as clear, Example: my video quality when i am zoomed all the way out (typically should be clear) is what my classmates videos would be when they are zoomed all the way in (a little fuzzy,typical)my project:i film the amur tigers at a zoo, i film then where there is nothing between me and the tigers (no bars,wires, or glass) and when there is glass and they are both blurry
Hi - your approach to problem solving is spot on, but you haven't told us what happened when you tried each of those things. Does everything give you blurred results? What happens if someone else uploads your video? You said you couldn't upload someone else's video - what happened when you tried? Have you tried a third person's tape?
Windows Movie Maker is a popular video editing software that is easy to use and has a wide range of features. However, it can sometimes have problems, especially with large files. One common problem is that Movie Maker can create huge output files, even for relatively short videos. This can be a problem if you are trying to save your video to a DVD or upload it to the internet.

There are a few things you can do to try to reduce the file size of your Movie Maker videos. First, you can try to use a lower resolution when you save your video. Second, you can try to use a different video codec. Third, you can try to trim your video down to only the parts that you want to keep.

If you are still having problems with large file sizes, you may want to consider using a different video editing software. There are a number of free and paid video editing programs available that offer more features and better performance than Movie Maker.