Simeon needs you to do another repossession. Some Rockford Hills daddy's boy is late on his payment. Franklin will need to recover the car.

This mission is about stealth, so be prepared to be sneaky!

The mission starts when you talk to Simeon outside of the dealership. Your destination will be the Rockford Hills area.

Do not steal any cars on Simeon's car lot, this may cause you to fail.

Along the way Simeon will call you, he will tell you the garage is locked. You'll have to find an alternative way in.

Hop over the gate on the left of the fenced-in driveway. Now Press down on the left analog stick to enter Stealth Mode. Sneak up behind the gardener and knock him out, no need to kill him.

In Stealth Mode you can move around without alerting people of your presence, as long as you remain out of their line of sight. Your stealth ability increases on all characters the more you use it. So it pays to practice between missions.

Make your way to the rear of the house. There is a truck there, use it to climb on the roof and crawl through the nearby window.

Wait in the bathroom for a second as someone passes by. Go back into Stealth Mode.

Avoid the upstairs rooms as people are in them. Make your way downstairs and head toward the kitchen. Don't worry about the people in the kitchen, so long as you remain in stealth mode.

Halfway through the hall-way turn left, this is the garage. Hop into the car and head back to the dealership. The second playable character in the game Michael will finally show his face.

Follow his orders and drive the car through the front window of the dealership. It's a bit difficult to see from a distance, but just drive straight towards the dealership and a cut-scene will begin.

You will now have to beat up Simeon.

The game will give you a quick rundown on how to fight. Take Simeon out easily by Dodging and countering, without taking any hits yourself. Once you knock Simeon out the mission will end.

To get Gold:

  • Mission Time - Complete this mission within 5 minutes. That's Not too difficult, though you'll really have to plow through that traffic when driving.
  • Can't touch this - When you fight Simeon, take no damage. Dodging and countering wins the day. Don't button mash!
  • Dirt Nap - Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack. This is only a problem if you are limited on time. Wait until you're almost at him before you enter Stealth Mode. His leaf blower should cover most of your sound movements.