1. the doctor

    Peace holds in heartlands of Kenya's election losers

    KISUMU/MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - Strongholds of defeated presidential candidate Raila Odinga were peaceful on Sunday, apparently reflecting a desire by Kenyans to avoid a repeat of the bloodshed that followed the last election five years ago. Odinga has refused to concede the election to rival...
  2. Scammer

    B.C. killer sentenced to at least 23 years

    A man convicted of killing two women in the Fraser Valley has been sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 23 years. Davey Mateo Butorac, 32, was found guilty of second-degree murder in July 2010 in the deaths of the two women. The conviction carries an automatic life...
  3. Scammer

    Toronto rapper wanted in 2007 slaying

    A Toronto rapper wanted in the 2007 shooting death of a teen denies the murder charge in a YouTube video. Toronto police are urging Pierre Oliver Ellis, 23, to turn himself in on a first-degree murder charge in the case of 16-year-old Keyon Campbell, who was shot to death on his front porch on...
  4. Scammer

    Man in Connecticut home invasion to be sentenced

    Steven Hayes' lawyer said Hayes was actually pleased with the jury's recommendation that he should be put to death. http://cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2010/10/05/exp.hayes.home.invasion.verdict.cnn Steven Hayes, who was convicted of killing two sisters and their mother during a 2007 home...
  5. Scammer

    Toronto man admits killing 3 family members

    A Toronto man has admitted shooting three members of his family and burning the bodies in October 2007. Bao Mac, 49, pleaded guilty Tuesday in a court in Newmarket, Ont., to three counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of his daughter Lisa Mac, 4, his wife Zu Ling He, 47, and her...
  6. Scammer

    Rich nations face increased debt burden

    The government debt burden shouldered by employees in the rich world will more than double between 2007 and 2015 as an ageing population puts rising strain on welfare and health systems in advanced economies. In new calculations for the Financial Times, Eswar Prasad, a former International...
  7. Rumas

    SV 1000 v0285p Jan 4 2007

    Sonicview 1000 v0285p Jan 4 2007 lastest file.
  8. Rumas

    CaptiveWorks 800S V1.42 fix Jan 2 2007

    CaptiveWorks 800S V1.42 fix Jan 2 2007
  9. Rumas

    CaptiveWorks 600P V1.66 fix Jan 2 2007

    CaptiveWorks 600P V1.66 fix Jan 2 2007
  10. Rumas

    CaptiveWorks 3000HD Fix Dec 29 2007

    CaptiveWorks 3000HD latest Fix.
  11. Rumas

    pansat 9200HD hd-9200bl 071228 9227 GC fix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC FIX:
  12. Rumas

    pansat 9000HD hd-9000bl 071228 9040 GC fix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC FIX
  13. Rumas

    Pansat 6000 HXC x-6095bl 071228 3177 GC fix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC FIX
  14. Rumas

    Pansat 5000 x-95bl 071228 3146 GC fix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC FIX
  15. C

    Pansat 250 x_250bl_071228_v561a_gcfix dec 28 2007

    Temp gc fix. dec 28 2007
  16. C

    x-88bl_071228_446eubx_api_gcfix dec 28 2007

    Temp GC fix. Dec 28 2007
  17. C

    Pansat 2700 x-87bl_071228_b75_234_api_gcfix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC fix. Dec 28, 2007
  18. C

    Pansat 3500 x-05bl_071228_351_api_nocard_gcfix Dec 28 2007

    Temp GC fix. Dec 28, 2007
  19. Rumas

    Coolsat 7000 NORW V130 Dec 27 2007

    Autoroll fix.
  20. Rumas

    Coolsat 5000 norw 158 Dec 27 2007

    Autoroll fix.