1. K

    [Question?] pansat 2700

    ive been checking for a new fix everyday for about 3 months, just wondering if there is any progress being made on the 2700

    Pansat 2700 clone Nikk_Mty_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_(Lzma)_V218

    Pansat 2700 clone Nikk_Mty_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_(Lzma)_V218
  3. C


    Hello, I'm new and this looked like the best forum. I need help with my Pansat 2700,
  4. ricklbert

    2700 CONVERSION FILES Nikk_Mty_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_(Lzma)_V217

    2700 CONVERSION FILES Nikk_Mty_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_(Lzma)_V217 Nikk_Mty_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_(Lzma)_V217
  5. ricklbert

    [New file] PS 2700 factory b-75

    PS 2700 factory b-75 Factory flash for original 2700a

    Pansat 2700 clonesafe B75-214T-femu

    Pansat 2700 clonesafe B75-214T-femu

    Pansat 2700 X_87BL_090513_V214_api_femu

    Pansat 2700 X_87BL_090513_V214_api_femu
  8. C


    Clone safe bin for 2700
  9. C


    New 2700 BIN
  10. H

    fta changes

    Hey fellas, don't know if it's been asked but could anyone explain the nag3 and what it will it take to deal with it,? and will the pansat 2700 be of any use?? Thanks for any help:confused:
  11. CASPER

    Pansat 2700 Files_X_87BL_090216_V208_api_femu.zip

    Pansat 2700 Files_X_87BL_090216_V208_api_femu.zip
  12. K

    [Not Working!] Pansat 2700

    Hello All, I'm having a problem with my pansat 2700, it just stop working all of a sudden. I haven't loaded any new fixes since the last one last month. Was working fine yesterday, only had lost/mixed signals. Today the box will not power on. When its plugged up and its switched on from the...
  13. M

    coolsat 4000pro files/pansat 2700 files

    any help coming on new fixes for coolsat 4000 and pansat 2700? it has been a long time . appreciate you guys help.
  14. B

    bl 75 upgrade for pansat 2700 clones

    bl 75 upgrade for pansat 2700 clones -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c/p from musky bl 75 upgrade for pansat 2700 clones for real pansat 2700 clones
  15. I

    hello all

    news not working on my 2700 but my uncles is working fine? any help?
  16. CASPER

    Pansat 2700 Clone Files CloneSafe-301-AMZ-TiVo

    Pansat 2700 clone files CloneSafe-301-AMZ-TiVo DO NOT USE ON CONVERTED 2500 TO 2700 STB'S Latest AMZ file
  17. CASPER

    pansat 2700 CloneSafe-B75-207-TiVo-femu

    pansat 2700 CloneSafe-B75-207-TiVo-femu CloneSafe-B75-207-TiVo-femu for clones and originals not for converted 2500 to 2700
  18. CASPER

    pansat 2700 CloneSafe-B75-206v1-TiVo-femu

    pansat 2700 clone CloneSafe-B75-206v1-TiVo-femu
  19. S

    pansat-2700 v 203 is working

    :) Old File for Pansat 2700 - v203 is working, just tried it.....good
  20. CASPER


    CloneSafe-B75-V202-TiVo-femu -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO NOT USE ON CONVERTED 2500 TO 2700 BOXES This is the latest file for Clone and Original 2700 stb's Wait until the channel number shows on the front display before you hit download...