1. F

    VS Ultra WFEMU issue not communicating with software

    Im not sure what im missing here but my setup works fine with my VS 9000, I connect my ultra to the same setup and its not communicating with the box. When i go into serial setup>Network s/w upgrade it shows New software DX-X00-N APP 2.00.19 and Tekz Windows WFemu, and on the WFemu i can see...
  2. W

    autoroll question

    just bought a new 700 but under osd there is no autoroll line.
  3. B

    Topsat 5000_Telefonica_Fix Jan_09_2011

    Topsat 5000_Telefonica_Fix Jan_09_2011 Load the new Telefonica Fix File and set auto roll to "ON" and wait up to 15 min for the keys to auto roll. Make sure that the Auto Roll feature is turned "ON." You will find the Auto Roll feature in the Menu options. If you don't have the picture after...
  4. D

    [Help!] option 2

    I just can't seem to get this ultra with wf working. can someone please tell me what options are under option 2 (i.e. autoroll on/off, tp?, sort by sid? on/off) and also if network search should be on or off when im doing a channel search? thanks.
  5. hobo2

    limesat ultra

    as of 3;34 pm 11 20 2010 limesat is up runnung on dishnet way to go limesat :):cool: while other reciver r down ty limesat watching avatar right now
  6. Scammer

    How to fix the freezing (Solution)

    C & P I have to give credit to. sfinomm Hi ALL. Go to menu then go to accessory and down to key works and down to reset data and hit OK and hit OK . Power off with remote. Turn off back switch wait 1min. Power receiver on form the back wait for it to reboot. Turn on receiver with remote wait...
  7. Scammer

    Neosat / Neusat I2000 Newcand BIN

    Neosat / Neusat I2000 Newcand BIN This is for Neosat I 2000 PRO or Neusat I 2000 Plus basically anyone with ON-BOARD Ethernet This will give you the Newcamd control panel option to go Private. When you hit F1 you will see it make sure you hit F3 to turn OFF Autoroll for b3v and DN and IKS...
  8. N

    Viewsat Ultra WF problem

    Is the Viewsat Ultra down? I just installed PFTAUSW-100902U and went to serial setup and did the Network S/W Upgrade for my weather forecaster and everything in the installation appeared to be smooth, but my channels are still black. I know my antenna settings are correct because 101 is working...

    Guide for Loading Bin 253 - New Box and one already up, with Pictures

    Guide for Loading Bin 253 - New Box and one already up, with Pictures Here is a quick guide with Pictures on how to Load Limesat Bin V253, with some Pictures No Factory Bins need to be loaded cause this new Bin takes care of that. It brings the Box to a Near Factory State. For New Out of Box...

    Limesat Bin V253 - How to load New Receiver

    C/P Tech07 Here is a Step by Step Guide for loading a New out of Box Limesat Ultra using the Limesat V253 Bin. I have just confirmed that this BIN is an all in One BIN , no need to load any prior Factory Bins or Receiver Patch Bins. Only BIN V253 needs loading. 1) Download the Limesat BIN...
  11. M

    download latest sw

    my receiver tells me to download latest sw but it will not work keep getting download failed message:mad:
  12. C

    help ???

    hey anybody kno if the cnx nano 2 is up if it is can some:(one tell me what to do

    How to load your vs lite with usb

    1. download file from file section for your viewsat receiver 2. unzip file 3. copy unzip file to usb flash drive on your computer 4. take usb flash drive, stick it into viewsat ultra lite receiver. 5. on your viewsat, click menu->system information->receiver upgrade->usb->file you copied...
  14. CASPER

    WF Loading your BIN using USB Jump Drive

    C / P FROM other site end of C / P

    [Not Working!] lossing the network cnx IX-100

    O K here what going on I'm losing the network thru the IX-100 I got the cnx-nano.. this problem started last week and realy had little time to get into it, I tried everything to get this working right, but all has failed, I got pic but it freezing real bad, I notice when 1st. started that on the...
  16. A

    need help setting up nano 2

    please help i been looking on this site for 4 days now and havent found a dongle file for my nano 2 box please help or point me in the right direction my eyes is hurting from reading and reading and reading and reading so i think i needed to post and ask for help i think i need the lastest...
  17. A

    [Question?] No Autoroll

    Is there a way to program my Ultra to work with Telefonica?
  18. T

    Viewsat Ultra patially up Help

    Can anyone help me with the partially up setup. I factory reset my Ultra and did a blind scan on ehcostar 7 and 10,11 but not getting the channels that was listed. Am i suppose to scan echostar 7 or another? help please
  19. ricklbert

    Viewsat 2000 Ultra(patially up on PFTAUSW080727u

    Viewsat 2000 Ultra(patially up on PFTAUSW080727u Viewsat 2000 Ultra PFTAUSW080727u Hey everyone these channels are up for you diehards that mis tv. you will have to factory reset and rescan to get these channels most that are listed are working with some in and out after reseting and loadind...
  20. CASPER

    VSPRO-090920A Telefonica A/R Fix

    VSPRO-090920A Telefonica A/R Fix ================================= Release VS PRO Note ================================= ------------------------------ ------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2009.9.20 - Main software : VSPRO-090920A - Loader Ver : 1.07 - Last Update : Sep...