1. C

    Neusat 9000HD

    Hello and Greetings I just purchased a Neusat 9000HD to be use for FTA on Galaxy 16 99 west and Galaxy 19 97W. I know this box wont do S2 but there are some channels that I will like to get on those sates that still are dvb-s. When I got my Neusat 9000HD was already coverted to Captain...
  2. S

    [Noobie Question?] Max-HD setup

    Hi I have a Max-hd and birds pointing to 110 119 118 129 Can I use my pc for the weather emulator using my pc? or do I have to buy the dongle? I have both windows xp pc and a ubuntu 12.04 I bought a serial cable ( both sides females ) one side connected to my pc and the other to my box...
  3. P

    Hello, everybody

    I'm not involve at all, with this theme, I just have an CW-800s captive works 3 or 4 years ago. is it possible to get signal From DISH or with other SAT? At the beginning I use Bin File, and it works so easy? It is in the same way, or I need to do other things? Where are really the files ?
  4. T

    WF Dongle with IKS

    Has anyone found out how to use the weather forecaster dongle with PS$ ?
  5. Pete Reviews

    [Must Watch!] Doctor Who 2005 Series (In General)

    This is a short review in general of the 2005 series of the Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a British television series set in the United Kingdom. It features a character that goes by the name “The Doctor”. Some of the villains of the show include Daleks, Cybermen, The Master, the Angels...

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816 instructions: 1.-put in BOOT mode the cw650 (press at the same time power button on the frontal panel and the rear power switch) 2.-open the loader ver.1.02 for 650,s boxes 3.-click on START 4.- Do a factory default 5.-scan yours sats...
  7. M

    cw 700s i need inf in how to make this box work without a dongle. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can this be done?

    i need someone that can help this this in simple English ,, iam not too good with all this lingo... please help thanks
  8. M

    how to to work cw 700s wothout a dongle?

    can someone please explain to me in plain english how to set this up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  9. M

    which is better a sv elite or a cw 700s?

    i have a sv elite and i cnt make to work and a newlink with it.. so iam wondering if cw 70s is better
  10. No Warranty

    BUSTED! Batman drives a Lamborghini and gets caught with not tags!

    This is hilarious! Now we know where batman went! Mar 25, 2012 A man dressed in full Batman regalia was pulled over after police saw he had no tags on his black Lamborghini. The Dark Knight Rises, drives, and gets busted ! EVEN with his genius-level intellect, the Dark Knight...
  11. W

    struggling with 700s

    wish i would have got a manual.cant get sats to stay in,cant get quality on 119.when i hook up my old vs ultra,all is fine,good signal and quality on both sats.very confused.need lots of help please.
  12. T

    Need Explanation please

    I see here no card sharing. I don't know one way from another Just a guess, are the options Card Sharing and IKS? Which one is Cccam, and what is it? Thanks
  13. askendria

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ?

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ? I have the box almost 20 months and found the brand to be a remarkable excellent FTA receiver. The stb has no dongle or hub to play around, fell down or taking some space, just straight cat5 cable from the back of stb to router. The stb has 2 USB ports (front & back)...
  14. J

    How do you connect SV8K to IKSJapan Free Trial

    I cannot find complete setup instructions for connecting a SV8K to IKSJapan Free Trial. Their site gives this confusing info below but not where to enter it. Like they have: Sonicview - Akai Japan: Username: svjapan & then right below that they have Username:japan Password:japan. I'd like to...
  15. CASPER

    MDAPI Plus Guide and Files

    MDAPI Plus Guide and Files Ok Guys and Gals, Here it is... The New Latest Filter for Your Mepo Converted Captiveworks... 1. Way Smoother Control of the ACAMD Plug in 2. Gui Menu 3. Easy Installation 4. Addressed some Coding Errors 5. Result = Way Happier...
  16. CASPER

    I-BOX Azplus DONGLE 27.07.2012

    I-BOX Azplus DONGLE 27.07.2012 good morning greetings friends here is the long awaited update to I-Box dongle Azplus 27.01.2012 download here and / or
  17. the doctor

    Ship search finds 12th body, captain's documents (AP)

    AP - Divers plumbing the capsized Costa Concordia's murky depths pulled out the body of a woman in a life vest Saturday, while scuba-diving police swam through the captain's cabin to retrieve a safe and documents belonging to the man who abandoned the cruise liner after it was gashed by a rocky...
  18. K


    Re:Question Hi there,dear fellows i have a question:is there any subscribe problem with the "captivework cw650s dvb receiver in our area(south america)region?
  19. K

    just a hello

    hi everyone:anonymous::anonymous::untroubled:
  20. CASPER

    [New file] CaptiveWorks 4000/3000r2 to MSI BIOS Guide

    CaptiveWorks 4000/3000r2 to MSI BIOS Guide With the unfortunate demise and failing support of the CaptiveWorks LMC, by request his guide will install the unlocked MSI BIOS for the CW-LMC for use with other operating systems. All the necessary files are in the archives. Note: You...