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Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ?

I have the box almost 20 months and found the brand to be a remarkable excellent FTA receiver. The stb has no dongle or hub to play around, fell down or taking some space, just straight cat5 cable from the back of stb to router. The stb has 2 USB ports (front & back) that let you upload new system files without the need for a null cable/loader/PC, even I have 2 other brands and they are IKS future but Ilink become my premier unit. The Ilink public server stopped last December but the private server from Iks Japan is available and it’s a free trail up to now, I add some other $ private servers to the unit and what’s good about it I don’t need to switch
From server to server in case one goes down or some servers don’t have international channels and the other don’t have BEV. The networking inside the box does change the servers automatic but some times it takes a minute or longer to switch servers for a working channel. My other Iks receivers I have to change the servers manualy using the remote. The disadvantage about the automatic servers switch that you don’t know if this server is up or down, the only thing if the channel is scrambled you may think the server is down, in one occasion all the private servers were down at the same time and in one occasion my internet service was down and I didn’t know and I kept switching channels up and down and talking to myself….oh no I got no TV. My Ilink 9000+ going to complete a 2 years in service soon and looks like it'll keep going for unknown time so I give the Ilink 9000+ 5 stars.