1. Y

    Remote controlled RS232 switching

    A mission critical fire alarm system has a GSM module that is connected via RS232 to a computer whose task is to notify emergency response teams. In case the computer fails, an off-site operator is notified and he needs to switch to a backup computer within a minute. What I'm looking for is a...
  2. Ding Dong

    How to turn off a routers wireless connection?

    I connected my notebook to my router by an Ethernet cable (I heard it was faster). I would like to turn off the wireless so my notebook is only connect by the cable, how can I do this?
  3. No Warranty

    [Video] The First Honest Cable Company

    How true is this!
  4. M

    XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat. Use IKS without dongle/hub only serial cable

    Credits goto goofather im just spreading the good news. I've tested with my old cnx nano that was in the closet for years. Using linux can be a pain for some so here's a windows app that works great !! XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat Supoort DESCRIPTION XX-CLIENT is...
  5. U

    [Problem!] Hi and help needed

    Hey Everybody This is my first post and wanted to say I've been browsing around this forum and it is great!. I was an avid tester awhile back until Charlie killed the waves. Now I finally cut the cable with commiecast and am dusting off my old fortec receiver and want to get some fta channels...
  6. S

    [Noobie Question?] Max-HD setup

    Hi I have a Max-hd and birds pointing to 110 119 118 129 Can I use my pc for the weather emulator using my pc? or do I have to buy the dongle? I have both windows xp pc and a ubuntu 12.04 I bought a serial cable ( both sides females ) one side connected to my pc and the other to my box...
  7. T

    Viewsat Ultra trying to setup with win xp pc how to do

    hi guys i need your help, i got viewsat ultra receiver with win xp pc i am trying to setup all with rocket code. I am using Null Cable on my PC to VS Ultra. 1)-so i loaded this 3 files on vs ultra successfully PFTAUSW-100318U PFTAUSW-100322U PFTAUSW-100320U 2)-i use this also wfemu-0.2.2, then...
  8. L

    cnx mini c106 error & dead

    After trying to reset to factory mode from the menu, now my mini shows c106 when off or 0 when on. I tried to recover from PC via null modem but no help. My null modem is using pins 2,3 & 5. Apparently is communicating fine. However, at the middle of the transfer I get a some error. I have the...
  9. T

    Rusty Dish?

    I spent a good portion of the day on the roof adjusting the dish:grumpy2:. I could not get the signal back. I was getting 119 but not 110, the DL was confusing the two and 129 it said was out of range. So I figured true south was no longer true and I needed to make adjustments. Magnetic...
  10. M

    [Cool!] CNX MINI To CNX NANO2

    Hello Guys,this weekend i did some cool, i got my CNX Mini,and i've updated to a nano file NANO_FACTORY_7[1].05_NPB by 232 port , and after that, i did file NANO_4[1].05.npb update using USB,. its working nice, may someone coud make it better! tanks Moredson
  11. K

    [Confused!] DVD/VCR recorder/player with old analog TV or new HD TV via antenna

    I receive TV through an antenna on my roof. I don't want to get cable or a DSS. I'm cheap. I'm ignorant of this stuff. I have a new flat screen HD TV that is lovely. I have my old analog VCR hooked up to it and use it as a player only. I had a nice DVD/VCR HD recorder/player with tuner hooked...
  12. 1

    limesat port problem

    limesat ultra no internet connection lights on port not working cable ok remover cover and re pluged port what to do next
  13. W


    Buenas Tardes Solo queria preguntar si hay Alguien que pudo conectar un CW600p a servicio Azul con cable Null porque no puedo hacerlo mas bien no me conecta al Servidor. tengo Buena señal e Scaneado bien los canales. pero no me conecta al servidor. si alguien sabe como hacerle para...
  14. No Warranty

    A sad; but true commentary!! - Toronto Maple Leafs

    Q:What do the Leafs and the Titanic have in common ? A: They both look good, until they hit the ice! Q:What's the difference between the Toronto Maple Leafs and a cigarette vending machine ? A: The vending machine has Players. Q:What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and whales have in common? A...
  15. T

    Please explain modules

    Noob here, I was reading that the Freesat 800 HD can use a 8psk board. From what I read some brands overheat and burn up, it was recommended that the use of nfusion all in one board be used to prevent heat and failure issues. What is different about nFusion 8psk board or all in one that...
  16. T

    Need Explanation please

    I see here no card sharing. I don't know one way from another Just a guess, are the options Card Sharing and IKS? Which one is Cccam, and what is it? Thanks
  17. J


    Hello and thanks in advance, Recently I switched my ISP from DSL to cable. For lack of a long explanation I needed the 30GB capability plus switching to VOIP with sprint because they gave me the Airwave and Phone Connect Boxes needed because of signal to tower issues and now full bars on the...
  18. askendria

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ?

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ? I have the box almost 20 months and found the brand to be a remarkable excellent FTA receiver. The stb has no dongle or hub to play around, fell down or taking some space, just straight cat5 cable from the back of stb to router. The stb has 2 USB ports (front & back)...
  19. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How To Tell The Difference: Null Modem Or Straight Cable Determination

    The #1 loading problem is communication between PC and IRD. This is usually a serial and null modem cable problem. Null Modem cables look like straight serial cables and the only way you can tell the difference by looking is most Null Modem cables are marked with "NM" or "Null Modem". Some...
  20. R

    [Help!] Re: Using Fios with IKS

    Re: Using Fios with IKS Hi my name is Robert First of all I hope that I am writing this in the right section. I have had my cativeworks 800s testing during nag2 but now I am interested in IKS But this is new to me My question is that I have Verizon for my sevice using Fios which is fiber...