1. adrienshepard

    [Awesome!] unreal tournament 2004 cheats

    Infinite Health: god Full Ammo: allammo Add Bots (replace # with an actual number of bots): addbots # All Weapons and Max Ammo: loaded All Weapons and no Ammo: allweapons Statistics for Audio: stat audio Alters field of view (replace # with number of degreees): FOV #...
  2. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to create a batch file to auto shutdown your Windows 7 computer after a certain amount of time

    1) First create text file and call it "auto shutdown.bat" 2) Example code: The /t xxxx switch xxxx is the time delay in seconds. So for 1 hour and 30 minuets, xxxx would be 5400. That it now you can have your computer shut at a given time. You can also execute that command from a CMD...
  3. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Sony Vegas Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

    Project file shortcuts Magnification and view shortcuts Command Keyboard Shortcut Create new project Ctrl+N Create new project and bypass Project Properties dialog Ctrl+Shift+N Open existing project or media file Ctrl+O Save project Ctrl+S Open project’s properties...

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816 instructions: 1.-put in BOOT mode the cw650 (press at the same time power button on the frontal panel and the rear power switch) 2.-open the loader ver.1.02 for 650,s boxes 3.-click on START 4.- Do a factory default 5.-scan yours sats...
  5. S

    [Confused!] Need help getting Anik 3 Russian channels

    Two years ago I had Charlie Russian channels . Wife had it turned off. ( FRUGAL woman). Now I have a Limesat Ultra , Pluss dish, DP Pro LNB 1-dual and 1-single, and cant get a lock on 118.7 to see internationals. Every time I try I add more dupplicated channels to 119. Someone told me my...
  6. askendria

    The new ILINK SMART receiver

    Features: MPEG2 MP@ML, MPEG2 MP@HL Favorite Channel Groups Component (YPbPr) Video Output Support Mono, Stereo Audio Output Support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, DiSEqC 1.2 Motor and USALS Control Compatible Support for 16:9 and 4:3 video picture aspect ratios Channel Switching Time less than 1 sec Max...


    dreamlite_204_20120312 -. SW21/DPP44 Switch issue -. Server re-connection issue -. Satellite list DB renew(set 119w default TP to 12,297)

    2.09 File for Nanosat Lite

    2.09 File for Nanosat Lite New file for nanosat lite. -Fixes 22kz switching issues for some switches -Improvement on channel changing -Improvement on server connection Thanks Skyteam
  9. J


    Hello and thanks in advance, Recently I switched my ISP from DSL to cable. For lack of a long explanation I needed the 30GB capability plus switching to VOIP with sprint because they gave me the Airwave and Phone Connect Boxes needed because of signal to tower issues and now full bars on the...
  10. askendria

    The new FTA receiver "Freesat 800 HD"

    The new FTA receiover Freesat 800 HD just came into market, the receiver will work in both iks japan public and private servers. Note: BEV is down in this receiver only at this time due to problem with file. Attn. site addminstrator, please have a new receiver fourm/thread for freesat 800 HD...
  11. askendria

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ?

    Why I like my Ilink 9000+ ? I have the box almost 20 months and found the brand to be a remarkable excellent FTA receiver. The stb has no dongle or hub to play around, fell down or taking some space, just straight cat5 cable from the back of stb to router. The stb has 2 USB ports (front & back)...
  12. E

    help me

    i have view sat and i think to switch over with dream box could tell me if this receiver working good or not? and how i can setup it thank you:upset:
  13. G

    Windows XP WFEMU Set-up Instructions

    Please help with link to or instruction for setting up WFEMU with windows XP operating system. I have viewsat 9000HD. Not sure how to get PC to communicate with receiver. Thanks in advance for assistance.
  14. B

    1000.2 and DP 44 switch for FTA Receivers

    I read a post from Casper from a couple of years ago, "A very common misconception about this setup has to do with the internal diseqc switch in the lnb. As long as no outside diseqc is used in combination with it, you will get all 3 or 4 (if + port is used with another pro lnb) birds on 1...
  15. CASPER

    [New Fix] Limesat HD Air - Dolby Digital & 118.7 Sat Scan Fix, Limesat_HD_AIR_v121.bin

    Good news! Limesat HD Air Fixes: Dolby Digital, SPDIF ON/OFF switch in Menu 118.7W Satellite Scan bug is now solved. You can now scan correctly. Thanks and have a wonderful day! Limesat Japan
  16. CASPER

    Limesat HD Max v318 Bin - Public ON/OFF Fix

    Limesat HD Max v318 Bin - Public ON/OFF Fix Here is the new Limesat HD MAX v318 Bin to fix the public ON/OFF switch for BEV & DN servers 9 & 10. Please provide feedback in the forum and more improvements will be made. Click the link below and user the FREE slow download which...
  17. P

    Cnx nano 2 and using it as i-link error with conversion back to nano 2

    I really did a dumb thing....had not used my CNX Nano 2 as I-link for one year and even forgot I converted it....plugged it in and thought I would do a factory default....now I don't know what files it needs, as the factory default supposedly erased the satellites and I believe my server...
  18. T

    How to benchmarking routers and switches?

    does any one know anything about routers and switches benchmarking organizations or their benchmarks?? Anyone know how to benchmarking routers and switches I am searching for benchmarking software for a network.
  19. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft fixes SSL 'kill switch' blooper

    Microsoft re-released an update today for Windows XP to correct a snafu that left users vulnerable to potential "man-in-the-middle" attacks for most of last week. More...
  20. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft flips 'kill switch' on all DigiNotar certificates

    Microsoft today updated Windows to permanently block all digital certificates issued by a Dutch company that was hacked months ago. More...