1. No Warranty

    [Tutorial:] How to hind Windows 7 desktop icons?

    1) Right click desktop. 2) Click View. 3) Click "show Desktop icons" to remove the check mark. To get them back: 1) click "show Desktop icons" add the check mark back.
  2. adrienshepard

    minecraft premium account hacker no survey

    hello people today im gonna show you this hack i did a survey for and now im makeing it public for everyone to use download link: Minecraft_Account_Hacker_2013_Updated (2).rar how to use it. first make a new text file put the username you wanna hack and then save it now go to here...
  3. adrienshepard

    command & conquer renegade cheats

    Start the game, and you'll be able to bring up the console with ~ key. Type the following cheat codes /commands in the console during the game allguns - All guns extras fnkqrrm - Enable extras cheat admin_message (message) - Send admin message to all clients (host only) message (message) -...
  4. adrienshepard

    [Info!] halo how to enable the console

    First thing you need to do is be able to access the console. To do this you first need to make a shortcut on your desktop to launch halo. Second you need to right click on it and bring up the properties. You will need to add, (-console) at the end of your target line, do not type the ( ) So it...
  5. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Desktop automation with hotkeys program for Windows- AutoHotkey

    Here is a great little program that can automate almost any task in windows. Download it here: AutoHotkey
  6. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to make it so that Windows 7 requires a password when left or specific time

    You may want to enable a password for your computer for added security. If you walk away from the computer and forget about it you don't have to worry about somebody going through your personal files. Here's how to do that: Option one: If you use sleep or hyphenate mode here is how to do that...
  7. Energizer

    [Solved] A problem with my screensaver?

    After I am focusing on a document in MSWord, the document vanishes from the screen and it is changed to my desktop image. It stays that way even if I try typing again, it will change to the Word again if I move the mouse. What is this going on?
  8. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to adjust the size of Windows 7 desktop icons

    I've had some clients complain about the size of their icons when they upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. Here's two ways of changing the size of the desktop icons. METHOD ONE: Hold ctrl button down on you keyboard and scroll mouse wheel. Or METHOD TWO: Right click on an open area of you...
  9. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to Toggle Windows 7 Aero Desktop on and off

    Here's a simple way to make a batch file to disable Windows Aero desktop: 1) Create a text file and call it aero off.bat 2) edit the bat file and put these commands in it: net stop uxsms 3) Create a text file and call it aero on.bat 4) edit the bat file and put these commands in it: net...
  10. Energizer

    [Solved] 3DMark06 error: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)

    I just bought a brand-new video card for my computer, came in the mail yesterday. I got a MSI GeForce GTX 670 card at a decent price. Problem is I want to compare it with my old video card (GeForce 9800 GT), so wanted to run 3DMark 2006 to have a direct comparison of my performance gain. I know...
  11. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How To Tell The Difference: Null Modem Or Straight Cable Determination

    The #1 loading problem is communication between PC and IRD. This is usually a serial and null modem cable problem. Null Modem cables look like straight serial cables and the only way you can tell the difference by looking is most Null Modem cables are marked with "NM" or "Null Modem". Some...
  12. H

    Nfusion loader

    Does anyone know if there is Nfusion Uploader that will work with Win 7 ??
  13. K

    How to NOI NFusion

    Hello I am new to this site and having a little trouble navigating around,Iam trying to find some information about how to set or install NOI to use with nfusion HD any help would be much appreciated just point me in the right dirrection kee44
  14. T

    Best free CD/DVD burning software for 2011

    This is the best FREE burning software I recommend you use. It does everything I want it to do and more and best of all it totally free: Here is ImgBurn description: You can get it here: The Official ImgBurn Website If anybody has any other recommendation i would love to hear about them?
  15. the doctor

    [Solved] GTA San Andreas mouse problem - not working in Windows 7 64bit or Vista

    I recently ran in to a problem where the mouse on Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas will not work to look around. Fixes I tried: I kept moving the mouse and went to the menu and the press ESC to get back to the game. (This didn't work) I tried to updating DirectX. (This didn't work) I tried...
  16. FTA Hacker

    Mozilla puts Firefox 7 on memory diet, patches 11 bugs

    Mozilla on Tuesday patched 11 vulnerabilities in the desktop edition of Firefox as it upgraded the browser to version 7. More...
  17. FTA Hacker

    Mac Desktop Security: The Landscape Is Changing

    Only about 20 percent of Americans think Macs are vulnerable to viruses, compared to more than half who describe PCs as "vulnerable" or "very vulnerable" to attack by viruses, according to Alex Stamos, a security analyst at iSec Partners. More...
  18. FTA Hacker

    Desktop virtualization users say the technology brings challenges

    Sacking the old PC in favor of desktop virtualization is starting to grow and the information technology managers taking the lead on that trend offered some perspectives on the networking and security challenges it brings. More...
  19. E

    Jeffs threatens court with Biblical repercussions

    A polygamist sect leader defending himself against sexual assault charges broke his silence Friday with a 55-minute sermon defending plural marriages as divine and later said God would visit "sickness and death" on those involved if his trial wasn't immediately stopped. Warren Jeffs, 55, could...
  20. FTA Hacker

    Shrinking IT staff leaves security projects in the lurch

    Lately, I've been struggling with trying to get resources for my security projects. As my security program continues to grow and develop, I'm at the stage where I'm rolling out new security technologies, but I'm starting to run into roadblocks when it comes to getting server, network and desktop...