1. G

    Magnavox ZV427MG9 VHS/DVD Combo Recorder Will Not Play Some DVDs

    Hi, I have a Magnavox ZV427MG9 that is just out of warranty and have used it very little. I ordered some DVDs from China that will play on a computer and other DVD players but not on this Magnavox unit. I don't want to buy another player just for these DVDs. I have tried running a lens cleaner...
  2. adrienshepard

    [Must Read!] dirty bar joke all people under 15 do not enter

    a jew and a biker walk up to a bar the one guys says its my wifes aniversary im gonna buy her a ring and just in case she doesent like that im gonna buy her a car so she can drive it and the jew says im gonna buy my wife a a guitar and just in case she doesent like that il buy her a dildo that...
  3. K

    [Confused!] DVD/VCR recorder/player with old analog TV or new HD TV via antenna

    I receive TV through an antenna on my roof. I don't want to get cable or a DSS. I'm cheap. I'm ignorant of this stuff. I have a new flat screen HD TV that is lovely. I have my old analog VCR hooked up to it and use it as a player only. I had a nice DVD/VCR HD recorder/player with tuner hooked...
  4. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to turn off that annoying UAC (User Account Control)

    Disable or Turn Off UAC (User Account Control) on windows 7: Access the Control Panel to disable UAC in Windows 7, there are few ways to do this: Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> System and Security ->...
  5. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to have the same view for all folders in Windows 7

    Open up any folder on any drive and set it the way you you want all the folders to be viewed. Then hit the "Alt" button, then click "Tools", then click "Folder Options", then click "Apply to Folders". This should work very much the same on Windows XP. That's that's pretty simple hope this...
  6. No Warranty

    [Solved] DVD / CD Autoplay not working in windows 7 64 bit

    I was having a problem with the Windows 7 autoplay feature not working from DVD ROM drive. Here's how I solve the problem: Shell Hardware Detection service was not running. Here's how to fix it:
  7. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Windows 7 Search not working or not getting any results

    I have from a while back with my Windows 7 search not getting any results. So here's how I solve the problem: First try all my drives to the search index here's how you do that: 1. Open the Control Panel (All Items view), and double click on the Indexing Options icon. 2. Click on the...
  8. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to Change a Hard Drive Letter in Windows 7

    This is a really easy one to do, how you change the drive letter in Windows 7: Click on "Control Panel" and then "Administrative tools" anf then "Disk Management". Right click on the drive(s) and you will see "Change Drive Letter and Path" You cannot assign it a drive letter that is already...
  9. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Is there faster way to copy files in windows 7?

    I was looking for a faster way the can move files to another hard drive. Windows seems to take forever to move files over and once the files are done copying it sits there with the bar in the end waiting for something. See my hours when I was transferring but 150 gigs to another drive. I search...
  10. Energizer

    [General Question?] I want some FREE benchmark software recommendations

    I'm looking for some benchmark software, is one of them someone could recommend what I should use other than the 3DMark programs. It would be better if they were free too.
  11. Energizer

    [Question?] The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition or The AMD FX-8120 BE

    I'm considering an upgrade, I just want to know what processor would be the best for my needs? I do a lot of gaming, a little bit of video encoding for my home 1080i video camera. The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE is approximately $200 The AMD FX-8120 BE is approximately $150 Thanks
  12. FTA Hacker

    4 dead, 1 survivor in Kansas plane crash

    A young woman was hospitalized in serious condition Saturday, the day after she survived a plane crash in Kansas in which four people died, authorities said. Hannah N. Luce, 22, of Garden Valley, Texas, suffered burns over 28 percent of her body in the Friday afternoon crash of a twin-engine...
  13. No Warranty

    [Solved] How to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5 Error: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File “dll10shrd.dll”

    I purchased and installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.0 on my Windows 7 64 bit computer last week with no trouble at all. After the installation was complete Dragon NaturallySpeaking informed me there was an update for free to version 11.5. I clicked update and I allowed it to install...
  14. Pete Reviews

    Corner Gas - Dog River, Saskatchewan: A True Canadian Sitcom

    Corner Gas is, by far, one of if not THE absolute BEST Canadian sitcoms of all time. It’s too bad they ended the show and there will never be any more made. There are so many hidden jokes in every episode, and you miss them if you don’t watch the show over and over again. The show ran for 6...
  15. FTA Hacker

    Gunmen kill 3, wound 8 at Texas cockfight

    Three people were killed and at least eight wounded when masked gunmen opened fire at an illegal cockfighting ring in southern Texas Thursday, authorities said. The shootings took place during a cockfighting match with a large crowd in attendance, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino told...
  16. No Warranty

    BUSTED! Batman drives a Lamborghini and gets caught with not tags!

    This is hilarious! Now we know where batman went! Mar 25, 2012 A man dressed in full Batman regalia was pulled over after police saw he had no tags on his black Lamborghini. The Dark Knight Rises, drives, and gets busted ! EVEN with his genius-level intellect, the Dark Knight...
  17. FTA Hacker

    Man sought in NYC train fatality

    New York City police said Sunday they were seeking a man who allegedly started a fight with another man who wound up dead after being hit by a train. The unidentified suspect allegedly got into an argument with Joshua Basin, 20, of the Queens borough's Howard Beach neighborhood while riding the...
  18. FTA Hacker

    Colorado wildfire 100 percent contained

    A wind-driven wildfire in northeastern Colorado, though smoldering in hot spots, was 100 percent contained Monday, officials said. Ana Baucke, a spokeswoman for the Yuma County Sheriff's Office said the so-called Heartstrong Fire which began about 1:15 p.m. Sunday scorched an 84-square-mile...
  19. peterc

    [Confused!] az premium plus hd noy working

    Hi guys hope someone can help me here i bought an AZ premim plus hd box i then upgraded FW, i thought then i would upgrade with enigma 2, i DL the files etc unpacked the Patch bin file and put it on a formatted usb stick, switched the sat box off inserted the usb and powered back on all ok ...
  20. the doctor

    Partial remains of 9/11 victims went to landfill (AP)

    AP - The Pentagon revealed on Tuesday that some partial, incinerated remains of 9/11 victims that could not be identified were sent to a landfill. More...