[General Question?] I want some FREE benchmark software recommendations


I'm looking for some benchmark software, is one of them someone could recommend what I should use other than the 3DMark programs. It would be better if they were free too.


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Try these:

While your computer may pack more computing power than the rocket which sent men to the moon, it is still possible to choke a computer processor using simple math, and that is what the SuperPi free benchmark testing software does. SuperPi is capable of calculating Pi up to 32 million digits after the decimal point. This complex math significantly tasks your computer’s processor, and SuperPi keeps track of how quickly it takes for your computer to complete the calculation.
SuperPi is focused on your processor’s speed, not the speed of other components, so it only useful when judging changes to your computer’s processors. For example, overclockers consider SuperPi to be one of the best free benchmarks around because it provides a processor-focused test which can help them judge how much extra performance their overclocking has gained them.

Novabench is a free benchmark testing software suite. Unlike many benchmark suites, Novabench isn’t a trial version or an older version released for free. The free version is the only version available, and it gauges multiple aspects of your computer’s performance.
The Novabench benchmark tests processing speed, 2D graphics performance and hard drive read/write performance, making this a very well-rounded benchmark. It is particularly well suited for computers which are meant for a home office, as the hard drive read/write speed benchmark can help you find out if your productivity is being hurt by a hard drive which takes a long time to spin up and transfer data. Novabench also has a basic multimedia and graphics benchmark. It is less intensive than a dedicated graphics benchmark, like 3DMark06, but can give you a general idea of your computer’s graphics performance.
[h=3]SiSoft Sandra[/h]
Sandra stands for System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. It is a fully-featured benchmark suite which is aimed at users who are very well informed about the inner workings of their computers and for businesses which need to perform a detailed analysis on multiple computers. SiSoft Sandra kindly offers a free version of the software.
The benchmark tests available in SiSoft Sandra are jaw-dropping. Want to test your computer’s memory bandwidth? No problem. Want to benchmark network performance? Sure. Want to benchmark your computer’s power efficiency? Yes, SiSoft Sandra does that as well. Chances are that you’ll come across one or two benchmarks in SiSoft Sandra which benchmark hardware you didn’t even know existed.
Another useful feature of SiSoft Sandra is the inclusion of references. Let’s say, for example, that you decide to benchmark your processor. SiSoft Sandra will benchmark your processor and then compare your performance to five other similar processors to give you a better idea of how an upgrade may or may not help you. This is something that only SiSoft Sandra offers, and it is incredibly useful.
One of the most popular free gaming benchmarks in existence, FRAPS is different from all of the other free benchmark testing software on this list because it is the only non-synthetic benchmark. Rather than putting your computer through a series of tests which are designed to judge its overall performance, FRAPS records how your computer actually performs.
FRAPS does this by capturing information about how many frames per second your computer is producing while in games. A higher number of frames per second is always preferable and results in smoother gameplay. FRAPS will work with any game, from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty 4, and it is capable of both displaying your current frame rates in real-time on your screen and recording the frame rate data to a log file.
FRAPS’s benchmarking functionality is completely free. FRAPS does have a paid version, but the features unlocked in the paid version of FRAPS have nothing to do with benchmarking your computer.


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