Dreamboxtool v1

    Dreamboxtool v1 Channel editor, FTP, Telnet for Dreambox, similar to DCC except you can import Lyngsat information.

    OPenbox S9 New firmware with lan/ftp access and clone kill

    OPenbox S9 New firmware with lan/ftp access and clone kill First file is the new firmware with lan/ftp support and clone kill code, second file is LAN/FTP program HDS2_CMTS_Europe.rar STBHD_LAN_MM.rar
  3. J

    my dream box 100 i install file 214a and my box ,my box is v2 how i fix this problem?

    file for my box is 219a b i install 214a b accident.

    [Attention] All about SV ip address and more

    What is an IP address? Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a 'dotted-quad') and look something like Since these numbers are usually...
  5. B


    DM100S_MAIN_NA_V220TA5C02 - Release INFO! ** This file has been tested on V1/V2 DM100 receivers ** ---- MAJOR FIXED ISSUES ---- - DISHPRO fix. - Added WEB UPLOAD option for MAIN file & Channel list (Currently it works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Only) Web Password: 0101 (<a...
  6. philippe146

    AzBox HD Plugin S99PriorityManager v1.2 14-05-2010

    S99PriorityManager v1.2 14-05-2010 Code: ################################# ################### # Description: # # This Script is written by buyukbang and inspired from the script made By MalMen. # Special thanks to Smudger for all tests for the all information, tests and power measurements...

    Dreambox DM100 V1/V2

    Dreambox DM100 V1/V2 ARP23.2010 - Dreambox DM100 V1/V2 Public IKS - DM100S_MAIN_V221A.zip ** This file has been tested on V1/V2 DM100 receivers ** We have tested this file on V1 and V2. We did not find any audio+USB problems on V1 receivers therefore, this file is good for V1 and V2. ALL...

    [Warning!] Warning to all Members - Please stay away from these Sites !!!!!!!! Warning to all me

    Warning to all Members - Please stay away from these Sites !!!!!!!! C / P Thanks goes to Tech07
  9. B

    AZBOX ACC_v.1.0 program

    AZBOX ACC_v.1.0 program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACC_v.1.0 this is for updating/ftp/plugins/backups/chan list/ect the best program the OP has used.
  10. CASPER

    Dreambox DM100 - DM100S_MAIN_NA_V214A3C02.zip - X-MAS Release

    Dreambox DM100 - DM100S_MAIN_NA_V214A3C02.zip - X-MAS Release Finally, the promised/long anticipated/awaited public file is here! Enjoy. This will make your tv viewer a bit more pleasant. Happy New Year, & Marry XMAS to all! Have very safe holidays. Simply download this file, perform a...
  11. CASPER

    Dreambox - Step by Step with Pictures

    Dreambox - Step by Step with Pictures you can watch TV on your LAN. it dont work so well with Gemini put PLi you click on WEBXTV and its perfect. check it out here You can also bounce the your Dreambox page to any DNS... http://www.no-ip.com/ make sure your router looks like this...
  12. CASPER

    Dreambox DM100 - Private IKS setup ONLY - V214A

    Dreambox DM100 - Private IKS setup ONLY - V214A // begin release notes ***** IMPORTANT NOTE: ***** ***** This is the DM100 private IKS file for North American Customers ONLY! NOT FOR Public Server ***** This ZIP archive contains 1 file(s) File Description: Secure Private IKS server file for...
  13. CASPER

    AZBox HD Mboxinfo Plugin

    AZBox HD Mboxinfo Plugin Installation mboxinfo.rar extract usb stick (plugins.list and mboxinfo.plugin) and install Note: mbox runing and mboxinfo runing Another way to install it via FTP, for instance your FileZilla client [if you have mboxinfo v. 1.0 alrerady installed in your AZbox HD -...
  14. ricklbert

    CCcam v2.1.1 Automatico AzBox HD Premium

    CCcam v2.1.1 Automatico AzBox HD Premium Finished a SH for us to install the CCcam a faster and more automatic, we're going to not let anything in the dark. Download the attached file and send it via FTP to the root of AZ: / Then change the permissions: 755 If you do Telnet or SSH: chmod 755...

    jtag on clone

    Is it possible? So of course I've got a clone and the damn thing won't take an image. so I messed this particular box up and now it doesn't dreamup either. It says that the device is not a dreambox and fails. No ftp, no telenet, only ping on the network. I don't know any way into the box...
  16. CASPER

    New firmware 0.9.2371 AzBoxHDElite&Premium

    New firmware 0.9.2371 AzBoxHDElite&Premium Release Notes Fixed - From software 2163 wifi wep 64/128bit doesn't work anymore. Fixed - At HDMI mode -> changing the display format (fullscreen, Pillarbox, Pan & Scan), the video resolution changes to 576p - the output matches no longer with...
  17. CASPER

    DCC v2.80 (AZBox)

    DCC v2.80 (AZBox) Version 2.80 includes: - Show EPG-Data (EIT) in Recordings - Local copy within the box without detour over the PC - Adjustment installation of newer images over the bootmanager - FTP-Textviewer/Editor now on PC-side - Some...
  18. C

    Where can I find Realtek audio drivers for Windows 7 Beta?

    I've tried both the OEM drivers from Acer and the ones from the Realtek site, and each of them gives an error related to an incorrect Windows version. Are there any beta drivers as of yet?
  19. CASPER

    C h e s s for AzBox HD

    C h e s s for AzBox HD Installation : Extract all files from tux c h e s s.zip and copy it to usb or /tmp folder trough FTP, and install it from Plug-In menu.
  20. CASPER

    How To for CW-LMC Update Released!

    How To for CW-LMC Update Released! The update requires the system to, at least, have the update installed prior to its install (i.e. if your system software version is less than you should update to that first) For those new to the CW Linux update...