1. S

    Saving bin from unit

    Is there a way to save the current bin to a file? For the Dreamlink HD V3..
  2. No Warranty

    [Solved] Windows 7 is not showing the correct amount of RAM in Computer Properties window

    I was having a problem with my Windows 7 not showing the right amount of RAM I had here's how I solve the problem: 1. Click Start, type msconfig in the Search programs and files box and enter. 2. In the System Configuration window click Boot and then click Advanced options. 3. Click to clear...
  3. Energizer

    [Question?] The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition or The AMD FX-8120 BE

    I'm considering an upgrade, I just want to know what processor would be the best for my needs? I do a lot of gaming, a little bit of video encoding for my home 1080i video camera. The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE is approximately $200 The AMD FX-8120 BE is approximately $150 Thanks
  4. J


    Hello and thanks in advance, Recently I switched my ISP from DSL to cable. For lack of a long explanation I needed the 30GB capability plus switching to VOIP with sprint because they gave me the Airwave and Phone Connect Boxes needed because of signal to tower issues and now full bars on the...
  5. G

    Can a OCZ Vertex 3 SSD work with a Asus P5W DH DELUXE?

    Now I'm thinking about buying a Solid State Drive, however I have no idea if a Solid State Drive works with my system board: Asus P5W DH DELUXE Can the Solid State Drive OCZ Vertex 3 240gb SATA III 2.5" SSD perform with top operation and speed utilizing my mother board? Can a Solid State...
  6. FTA Hacker

    LulzSec leader holds onto Sun email

    The 4GB worth of email stolen by the LulzSec hacking group from The Sun earlier this year are sitting on a server in China, according to "Sabu," the outfit's alleged leader. More...
  7. F

    Does a MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 motherboard support SATA I, SATA II or SATA III

    I 'm hoping to get a present for my kid. He is wishing for an OCZ SSD 120 I plan to order it from NCIX, and it claims the SSDs is SATA 2. I've been reading through (as well as learning much) and I learned where to get this system board information and model number. It seems to use SATA 1. I...
  8. FTA Hacker

    Read and Write data transfer speeds of SSDs?

    I am pondering with regards to the read and write data transfer speeds of SSDs... Which one is best, should I purchase an ssd such as: Crucial 128GB Real SSD C400 having: Read speed of: 355MB/sec Write speed of: 140MB/sec or OCZ vertex 2 120gb which has: Read speed of: 285MB/sec Write...
  9. the doctor

    Stick with on board audio or buy a PCIe audio card for superior sound performance?

    I just built my 1st Computer system and I am contemplating whether or not it may be beneficial to buy a quality sound card. Even though I'd not really consider my self a complete audiophile, I do take audio rather seriously. Half of my audio files happen to be FLAC encoded format (all others is...
  10. F

    Questions about installing second Hard Disk Drive to Dell Inspiron 530

    I own a Dell Inspiron 530 which I bought in 2007. It utilizes Windows Vista home premium SP2. It includes Intel core 2 6420 @2.13GHz, two Gigabytes Memory and a 320 GB hard disk which is at this time essentially is filled with movies of the children. I have browsed the owners manual at Dell's...
  11. FTA Hacker

    Anonymous breaches another US defense contractor

    The politically oriented hacking group Anonymous has released 1GB of what is says are private e-mails and documents from an executive of a U.S. defense company that sells unmanned aerial vehicles to police and the U.S. military. More...
  12. FTA Hacker

    AntiSec hackers dump data after hacking police websites

    The war between law enforcement and the Anonymous hacking collective continued this weekend as hackers dumped a 10 gigabyte database that included private e-mails and information sent by confidential informants. Hackers say they stole information during an attack on more than 70 small-town law...
  13. No Warranty

    Sears Briefly, Mistakenly Prices iPad 2 at $70

    Apple iPad 2 deal hunters thought they'd hit a bonanza on Saturday after the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 appeared on priced at $70. But those good deal vibes soon turned sour after Sears cancelled orders for the deal price and refunded users' purchases. What are your thoughts? Click here...
  14. G

    pvr ejection?

    every time i take out the usb portable hard drive i use for pvr the system locks up....I have to reset power to the unit in order for it to work there a way to take out the usb drive without the lock up?
  15. CASPER


    MESSAGE "Unknown Error" WHEN RECORDING 1. Some Hard Drives or USBs has security software installed. 2. To bypass the security, you neet to format the Hard Drive or USB 3. To do that, just press “Menu” on the remote control 4. Select “Installations” and go to “Utility”, select...
  16. CASPER

    Taiwan's AsusTek launches Android-powered tablet

    TAIPEI, Taiwan – AsusTek Computer Inc. unveiled a sleek tablet computer on Friday, after the Taiwanese firm saw the sales of its once popular line of mini-laptops stall following the launch of Apple's hit iPad. AsusTek says the EEE Pad Transformer, which runs on the Android 3.0 operating...
  17. N

    Where can i find a cheap gaming laptop.?

    i would like a gaming laptop that runs good but is cheap. ps where could a find a good mouse that won't click in between my text. it does that all the time. back to the main subject. i would also like it to be able to have removable video cards, processors, ETC. i would also like it to have 3 or...
  18. LOLWTF

    What kind of desktop computer should i get?

    I need a new desktop computer. It must be able to play all the newest games, and a built in DVD and blu-ray player and burner would be great. I'm willing to spend up to $3000 maybe more, depending on if it's worth it. thanks
  19. Yeti

    How much would i expect to pay for a computer with these specs?

    a quad-core processorWindows Vista2GB of RAM500GB HDDa graphics card that can run Crysis decentlyDual Blu-Ray Disc burners20" Widescreen moniter2.1 surround speakersmouse & keyboardsorry if i missed anything
  20. BrandonX

    Best company that CUSTOMIZES laptops to your specs?

    I'm interested in buying a completely customized notebook preferably 15-17" screen. I just have a few questions most importantly What company is best? and the 2nd question is, could any company build a computer like thisBuilt in Digitizer.TV TunerBlu-Ray burner and Lightscribe...