Questions about installing second Hard Disk Drive to Dell Inspiron 530


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I own a Dell Inspiron 530 which I bought in 2007. It utilizes Windows Vista home premium SP2. It includes Intel core 2 6420 @2.13GHz, two Gigabytes Memory and a 320 GB hard disk which is at this time essentially is filled with movies of the children. I have browsed the owners manual at Dell's web page and it advises it can handle at least two SATA hard disk drives. I would like to install a second hard drive only to use for extra storage and maintain all application data and Operating-system files with the present hard disk drive. I am fairly certain I could deal with installing the HDD since I have done stuff such as this at my previous profession occasionally, however it has actually been several years.

Questions I would like answered:
  1. What manufacturers are considerably superior?
  2. Which brand names ought I steer clear of? (I am running a Western Digital hard drive inside my Digital video recorder's eSata port more than three years with zero issues.)
  3. Will the power and data cabling be offered with the hard disk? Or our they bought individually?
Anything else ought to be aware of?

I appreciate support.

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Dell was considered too propitiatory, (you had to buy from them) that I never bought them. They have changed but yours is too close to the date for me to tell. So why not just buy an external drive, copy files over to it. Get an external drive with power supply. I have used Western Digital (several) with no problem.


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Thanks for answering me so quickly...
I thinks that's a good idea, why tinker with the inside if I don't have to! I will see what I can find for Western Digital drives.