1. W

    running smooth

    gd pic good sound thnk god good grief lol pbp rocks

    [Cool!] i'm finally here w/out buttman....

    thank you all for having me here w/ u all. i'm here to learn and i love the arcades looking forward to kick some azz.... lol. gotta go tty all later baby needs funbunz29
  3. W

    hope we get the fight this weekend

    help a brother north of the border all we have is hockey and GSP lol anyone need some maple syrup eh!:afro2:
  4. W

    hope the servers have mercy this weeknd

    missed lesner getting dropped like a toilet seat. sht lol man against the man
  5. hobo2

    [Solved] ty buttman 302

    buttman thank you from the bottom of my heart i change the 1st ip address dns also the 2dns to yours pict it popup like a hardon lol its working now that buddy for all your help your the best dont care what the batman says about you your number 1 in my book
  6. ricklbert

    [Wow!] New baby in the workings...........ricklbert

    Well its official the wife and i are going to have a fourth child ,not sure how far she is but shes looking about five months or so my Japanese wife barely showed for all three i would love to have another girl for my daughters sake but i will accept a bundle of boy as lol...
  7. D

    hi everyone

    got the link from WIZZARD :beer: and now im here lol anyway going to have a look around :dirol:
  8. B

    Superstar Resigns

    Superstar!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Superstar Resigns
  9. B

    Good to see you back Wizzard

    Welcome back wizz hope you had a great time ... know back to work lol :D
  10. B

    Jay Leno "Jaywalking" -- an absolute scream! lol

    Jay Leno "Jaywalking" -- an absolute scream! lol

    ha all

    hi all looking for a new place for my db 500s run pli rq now up but for how long ??? i have some know how but still need to some help from time I,am in US and A lol n/e
  12. B


    wanted to just say hello read turbo,s post hope you enjoy we have ice storm on th way going to be warm in the house LOL
  13. CASPER


    X-05BL_080928_411_api_nocard For All the Bin Beggers...LOL :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  14. whitewolf70

    just saying hello

    Good day all..Thought I would just pop on her to say hello..I am new to the site and been just looking around. I have been on MANY sites I like this one..seems easy to navagate through nice for slow guys like us that dont take direction ..(ask my wife she will tell you) anyways...
  15. D


    i have a cs8000hd.. any ideas wen a fix is coming? I have had this a month and have yet to see it working...seems like there is no or little support, last fix was on dec pansat and cs 7000pvr all work great and have had a few fixes since dec this unit obsolete?..Seems...
  16. K

    hello everyone! great to be here!

    wish my satellite box worked so i could watch it! lol im learning more about fta everyday!
  17. Rumas

    What Simpson are you?

    I found this site just a few minutes ago and thought everybody might like it. See what Simpson character you are, I was Lisa lol.
  18. Rumas

    Google being sexist? LOL

    lol search for she invented on Google search! Google will ask you "Did you mean: he invented"
  19. depotfreak

    Southern Slingshot

    You know you would all try this! LOL :notworthy: 7-uJXyPcy4k Depotfreak