1. K

    Need Help With Loading Sat Files on Older Pansat & Viewsat STB

    I have an older Pansat 2700 Clone and a Viewsat 2000 that I haven't used since the old "testing" DN days. I want to refresh the files so I can sell them. I need a Viewsat and Pansat uploader for Windows 7. I have an old Blacklist loader which doesn't work in Win7. I also need a current sat...
  2. S

    Pansat 9200 turbo board setup

    Hi all I am looking for anyone who has used a turbo8psk module for the 9200. I have a couple and can't get the 21500 transponders to lock with it and was curious as to whether it needs to have special firmware. this is to scan the ITC channels that occasionally pop up.
  3. U

    [Problem!] Hi and help needed

    Hey Everybody This is my first post and wanted to say I've been browsing around this forum and it is great!. I was an avid tester awhile back until Charlie killed the waves. Now I finally cut the cable with commiecast and am dusting off my old fortec receiver and want to get some fta channels...
  4. N


    Well ,I am the new guy I just signed up ,Ninja 33. I am in the bahamas ,(open invite )I have had a pansat 2700A for a while now gathering dust ,I hope someone could help me put it back to use please!!!!
  5. T

    I am lost with my Pansat 2700

    Ok I am really lost on this one I have a pansat 2700 clone I have down-loaded pansat loader v1.0 and rq-sssp-client 1.o4 but i don't no were to get the bin file for it to load I have been out of this since everything went to n3 and to download iks setup were do i get this please and thank you

    [FYI] Pansat-RQ-SSSP quick setup.

    Pansat-RQ-SSSP quick setup. For those that don't have a clue how to get started. Like some who have never used RQ-SSSP or even know what it is. These are the necessary RQ-SSSP files. Including "msvcr71.d11". ------------------------- The individual 2500/2700/3500...
  7. B

    New kid on the block

    Hello to everyone on just signed up as a new member on this site.I haven't gone through everything yet but my preliminary view tells me you have a very interesting site.What got me here was a search for some old files.I mean old files.Like for Pansat 2500A.They are becoming...
  8. B

    [General Question?] cw 800s

    Have been away from testing for a while just watching 97 and 101 west. Just aquired a cw 800 s and was wondering if there is a stand alone file for Amazonas 2, I was playing around with an eliptical *choice dish I had and I picked up 5 tps from Am2 The epg populates but the channels are...
  9. H

    Hey just saying hello!

    Hello everyone just a new member here, haven't been in to FTA in 3 years, thought I would get back in to it. I have a viewsat ultra and Pansat 2700, I am hoping to get them to work??
  10. J

    Where are the new Pansat 2700a files?

    are thay a pansat 2700a file out yet :pirate2:
  11. S

    All receivers and there users

    using Sonicview elite public here, never private thank you japan ive been using fta for many years through all the bull sh@%. i never post stuff, but i would like to say a few things. First off i would like to say THANK YOU to all hackers and modders that do what they do best, help people...
  12. eloans1

    Pansat 9200 HD.

    I have a friend who's Pansat 9200HD is stuck on b-07, I was trying to find the "9200HD (PVR).zip" file, but can't seem to find it. Could someone help me with this please. Thanks
  13. hunkyspunky

    [Confused!] ilink 9500hd

    hi all my first post since joining ...just getting back into fta i have an ilink 9500hd coming this week but i am confused.... which hd board do i get the 8psk board or the sk200 chipset tks for replys
  14. B

    DIRECTV & DISH Sue Utah

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In an ongoing battle against state taxes which single out satellite subscribers, DIRECTV and DISH have filed suit against the state of Utah. Say the duo, DBS subscribers in that state pay sales taxes that are 40%...
  15. H

    [General Question?] possible upgrade

    I have been away from the site for a long time, can anyone tell me if I can resume getting adult channels like with a pansat and 18" dish? If so then the least costly and easiest way.
  16. C

    Conaxsat nano2

    I have been wanting to buy the conaxsat nano2 and was wondering if its getting both B*v and D*sh and if its a solid reciever. Ease of use? Not a total newbie, but i fall short of genious. lol. I don't want another Pansat collecting dust! thanks for any help.
  17. S

    is N3 really cracked?

    I received an email from another site saying N3 was cracked as of August 19th. was wondering if it's true, and if anybody knows if there is a file for the Pansat 2700a yet?
  18. N

    [General Question?] Down for whole year

    Pansat 2700 has been down for one year now. Has any body heard of a fix soon? Shame on those greedy people that make it imposible to have some pleasure. Please let us know if we all should just throw out our Pansat.

    [New file] PANSAT 250SM FILES 100524 V539 api **TELEFONICA FIX

    X 250 150AMZ 100524 V539 api amz enjoy all :dirol:
  20. B

    [Wow!] bweazer

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to this site, but I have done some programming with a pansat that was given to me as a birthday gift. Just got me a Dreambox Dm100 w/ Bootloader 1.11 as of March 05/2010. The reason why I am here is to find out why my system is NOT working. In advance I would...