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    [Help!] Very Odd Signal Problem

    Hello, Few weeks ago I installed a satellite mast in my backyard. It is about 3 metres tall. I have a 36" motorized dish. My dish is aimed correctly, I land perfectly on every satellite along the horizon. (82, 91, 110, 118.8, 119, 129). I am having trouble receiving signal from some tp's, maybe...
  2. F

    [General Question?] wrong satellite

    Hmm! Seems that my problem is that I was pointed at the wrong bird... What satellite shoud I be pointed at in order for my viewsat ultra to work? I was on Nimiq 91.
  3. FTA Hacker

    NASA to launch satellite for critical mapping mission

    Washington (CNN) -- NASA is set to launch a satellite Friday, starting a three-year mission to help better understand climate change. NASA says it will launch the Aquarius/SAC-D Sea Surface Salinity satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. For the next three years, the Aquarius...
  4. Scammer

    23-story rocket launches spy satellite -- The largest rocket ever launched from the West Coast went into space Thursday afternoon carrying a secret "national security" satellite, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California announced. The 23-story tall Delta...
  5. Scammer

    Iran announces satellite launch plan

    -- Iran is planning to launch a new satellite into orbit by the end of March, according to the country's semi-official Fars News Agency. Wednesday's announcement for the planned launch of the Fajr -- or "Dawn" -- satellite follows a recent statement by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on...
  6. Scammer

    Satellite images fuel intrigue over North Korea intentions

    Experts at Jane's Defense Weekly say the tunneling operation seen in the satellite imagery may indicate a test is planned. A nuclear security think tank obtained the satellite pictures. Washington -- The latest satellite imagery taken of North Korea indicates the secretive country might be...
  7. A

    Japan loses spy satellite

    Japan loses spy satellite TOKYO, -- Japan's only working radar satellite has malfunctioned and officials say they may not be able to save it. The intelligence-gathering satellite aimed at North Korea and China started acting up Monday, The Yomiuri Shimbun said Sunday. Officials at...
  8. A

    Satellite images suggest La Nina formation

    Satellite images suggest La Nina formation PASADENA, Calif., (UPI) -- NASA says new images from its Jason-2 oceanography satellite shows the tropical Pacific has switched from El Nino warm conditions to La Nina cool conditions. "The central equatorial Pacific Ocean could stay colder than...
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    NASA awards satellite launch contract

    NASA awards satellite launch contract PASADENA, Calif., (UPI) -- NASA announced the selection Tuesday of Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Va., to launch its Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 spacecraft. The satellite is to be sent into space in February 2013 aboard a Taurus XL 3110 rocket from...
  10. A

    French join in satellite project

    French join in satellite project CANNES, France, (UPI) -- France's Thales Alenia Space has joined forces with Ball Aerospace for initial research and design of a satellite altimeter for use by the U.S. Navy, the company said. The signing of the preliminary phase contract for the altimeter for...
  11. CASPER

    Russia puts into orbit Saudi telecoms satellite

    Russia puts into orbit Saudi telecoms satellite MOSCOW, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Russia has successfully put into orbit a Saudi telecommunications satellite, said a spokesman for the Khrunichev space research center on Friday. "After the satellite separated from the booster, control was handed over...
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    BT SATELLITE one of the best chill out song

  13. CASPER

    Russia launches US satellite into space

    MOSCOW (AFP) – A Russian Proton rocket carrying a US AMC 49 telecommunications satellite was launched into orbit on Saturday, the Russian space agency said on its website. "At 3:19 pm (1119 GMT), we successfully launched a Proton-M space rocket with a Briz-M booster carrying the US AMC 49...
  14. CASPER

    Globalstar Reveals Launch Plans for Next-Generation Satellites

    Globalstar will launch six of its second-generation satellites during a 90-day window that opens on Jul. 5, the company announced. The satellites will be launched by Arianespace from the Baikonur Cosmodrome using the Soyuz rocket. The new Globalstar satellites, part of a constellation that...
  15. CASPER

    New date set for European climate satellite launch

    The European Space Agency (ESA) on Friday said it had set the date of April 8 for the delayed launch of CryoSat-2, a satellite designed to see how Earth's ice sheets react to climate change. The launch had been pencilled for February 25, from Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It was...
  16. CASPER

    NASA launches nation's newest weather satellite

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA has launched the nation's newest weather satellite. An unmanned rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Thursday evening, carrying a $500 million GOES satellite. The spacecraft will undergo testing for the next six months and will eventually be an orbiting spare in...
  17. CASPER

    [New file] KBox channel and Satellite list editor

    KBox channel and Satellite list editor
  18. H

    Hi everyone!!

    I hope I am doing this right (newbie). I am trying to install Star Choice (I have a motorola DSR317 receiver. I am pretty sure it is hooked up right although there were some connections I did not understand. My brother checked the satellite location against his with a compass and we used a...
  19. ricklbert

    How to Reverse-Engineer a Satellite TV Smart Card

    How to Reverse-Engineer a Satellite TV Smart Card Notorious hacker Chris Tarnovsky opens his underground laboratory to, providing a peek into the world of satellite TV smart-card hacking. This complicated process involves nail polish, a pin head and various acids -- so don't try this...
  20. CASPER

    Satellite export rules damaging industry

    SATELLITE EXPORT RULES DAMAGING INDUSTRY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Satellite export control rules are hampering U.S. national security and economic interests, and must be updated to protect the U.S. space industrial base, AIA President...