1. T

    JTAG - Sonicview 360 elite

    Can this box be Jtag? If can be done.... How?
  2. T

    SonicView 360 elite - Dowloader failure

    Downloader 1.1 not seeing Sonicview 360 elite. STB not booting - sometimes show 8888 on display sometimes blank - getting logo lit though. Any suggestions?
  3. E

    SV 360 premier update?

    I cant change channels on sv360. When i hit any button the please update the newest sw comes up. Is anyone having this issue? does anyone have the update file
  4. 0

    Big Howdy,,,

    Hello and a big howdy,,,, Keep on aRockin',,,
  5. eloans1

    [New Fix] Sonicview Elite Bin es22 (es22-2028) CCE Fix Apr.26.2012

    This is a private file recreated by mpc30 using the public es 22 bin. Only works with the Sonicview Elite.... Quote: Default Elite es22.rom CCE fix. Here's a version of the Elite es22.rom which has been patched to fix the dreaded Channel Change Error - also known as "Please update the newest...
  6. eloans1

    [New Fix] Sonicview Premier p28.rom CCE fix May.05.2012

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c/p mpc30 This is a version of the Premier p28.rom which has been patched to fix the dreaded Channel Change Error - also known as "Please update the newest SW" nag. The expiry date has been extended to the year...
  7. M

    help!!!!!! i have a sv elite that has bo ip

    this boxx has no ip, scrammble chns please help thanks
  8. P

    SonicView HD 8000 ..I can see standar channels ?

    I understand that I can use more Sonicview HD 8000 to HD channels without support , bu t I like know if is possible to see the Channels standar ? Thanks In advance
  9. askendria

    Where is Akai Japan server?

    Some news going around that Mr. Sonicview AKA spokesman for Akai Japan Was involved in a terrible accident this past week and in critical condition as the source said. Who is Mr. Sonicview? Mr. Sonicview is known to many FTA sites and went by the names of Mr. Sonicview and claim to be the...
  10. P

    Where to purchase private server fora sonicview premier?

    need to purchase private server sonicview premier
  11. askendria

    IKS Servers Status Feb. 24 2012

    IKS Servers Status Feb. 24 2012 IKS Japan public DN - UP / BEV - UP / DN International (NO SERVICE - N/A) Public Server Working Receiver : captiveworks 700S & 800S Limesat Ultra & MAX HD & HD AIR Sonicview SV360 Premier & SV360 Elite & 4000 & 8000 HD Freesat 800 HD *IKS Japan Private DN -...
  12. askendria

    The new FTA receiver "Freesat 800 HD"

    The new FTA receiover Freesat 800 HD just came into market, the receiver will work in both iks japan public and private servers. Note: BEV is down in this receiver only at this time due to problem with file. Attn. site addminstrator, please have a new receiver fourm/thread for freesat 800 HD...
  13. askendria

    Free iksjapan code (used for public server)

    If your in need for a iksjapan public code (warranty code - SVLan code - serial number) the one used to be for sale for $39.99...NOW you can get one for free, just log into and get the code, the code works for Limesat but will works for Sonicview units as well.
  14. J

    How do you connect SV8K to IKSJapan Free Trial

    I cannot find complete setup instructions for connecting a SV8K to IKSJapan Free Trial. Their site gives this confusing info below but not where to enter it. Like they have: Sonicview - Akai Japan: Username: svjapan & then right below that they have Username:japan Password:japan. I'd like to...
  15. C

    sonicview 360p

    hi,to everyone. are we up or down?
  16. C


    is sonicview up wish ihub where to buy one
  17. P

    Sonicview Imagen frozen .

    Hi, I have too much time with Sonicview 360 premier without problems but now I have problem with the imagen ..the imagen os frozen . I don't know if is the LNB when I change the imagen was black and white . After the imagen is frozen . Anyone can help me ..? thanks in advance
  18. C

    sonicview 360p needs help

    any body help,my sonicview 360 stuck no tv the screen blue. but you can see the box you can change channel what i am going to do pls. help.......
  19. K

    NooB trying to learn, sv360e/ihub

    Im new at this and I have read through alot of forums. Not sure of the files and settings I need to get up and testing. I have a sv360 elite and an Ihub. I loaded the sv360Elite_svlan_es15 file and rebooted. I now have a new sub menue ( usb & net download ). I selected net download and...
  20. H


    Where can i purchase a sonicview wizhub, i purchased one from coolsat a month ago but you can't get on the server now when you try you get a forbidden to enter the server message