[New Fix] Sonicview Elite Bin es22 (es22-2028) CCE Fix Apr.26.2012


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This is a private file recreated by mpc30 using the public es 22 bin.

Only works with the Sonicview Elite....
Default Elite es22.rom CCE fix.
Here's a version of the Elite es22.rom which has been patched to fix the dreaded Channel Change Error - also known as "Please update the newest SW" nag.
The expiry date has been extended to the year 2028 (s/b long enough ?).
I used the es22.rom so that we can tell immediately if the old expiry date of Jan 30th 2012 is fixed.
The es22.rom has the same functionality as the es23.rom just different expiry date.

Use this strictly at your own risk. Mpc30 says the public bin will start the s/w update message on June 29 2012 but this remains to be seen of course, so feel free to test the bin at your own risk.


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