1. No Warranty

    Ottawa rejects Telus takeover of Mobilicity

    The federal government won't allow Mobilicity to transfer its wireless spectrum to larger rival Telus, Industry Minister Christian Paradis says, which means the companies' $380-million takeover is nixed as currently constructed. More...

    [Warning!] ***WARNING*** Phone Alert !!!

    C/P I dialed '0' to check this out, and the operator confirmed that this was correct, so please pass it on.. (l also checked out and This is true, and also applies to cell phones!) PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! I received a telephone call last evening from an...
  3. Scammer

    Rogers faces $10M fine over drop-call ad claim

    The Competition Bureau is seeking a penalty of $10 million against Rogers Communications Inc. for ads claiming that its discount cellphone and text service, Chatr, has fewer dropped calls than its new competitors. The bureau announced Friday that it has begun legal proceedings against Rogers in...
  4. ricklbert

    Telus paytalk free locals outgoing

    Telus paytalk free locals outgoing i'm not sure if this has been posted before works in Canada....... If you have a telus pay and talk phone you can call local calls for free without charge just dial *67 *1 then area code and number there will be no charge.. for your calls usual charge is...

    Bell Expressvu nailed for overcharging

    Bell Expressvu nailed for overcharging p2pnet news view | Products:- What does Bell have in common with the corporate music and movie industries? None of them give a monkey’s sexual intercourse about the people who keep them in business. Bell has already lost countless thousands of...
  6. Rumas

    LG 8500 cell phone Review

    The LG 8500 - known in some circles as "Chocolate". This sleek slider phone is the rage the world over; with a hidden touch keypad, EVDO high speed data, a gorgeous QVGA display, a 1.3MP camera and speaker independent voice control it's easy to see why everyone wants one. Add in...
  7. joebatts

    "Telus" Poop!

    "TELUS" is full of s**t along with the LG "Chocolate" (8500) phone, I'll tell all of You why a little bit later. I'll be back!!!!