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    Ultra owner app

    hey im mrfreezyh4t and i want to be ultra owner on the server. i am 14 years old, good with building helping rules and more. i am friendly to other players in minecraft thats nice on the servers and if they dont follow the rules a kick will be served to them directly. im gonna stay on as mutch...
  2. P

    Help with lime sat ultra

    I have the lime sat ultra and my remoye is not working ...the lights on the remote turn on but the remote does not change the channels...any suggestions
  3. M

    [Help!] LimeSat Ultra file

    Is there a bin file for the Limesat ultra? Thanks:grief:
  4. S

    [General Question?] Viewsat Ultra, will not take WF update

    I have a Viewsat Ultra that will not take the WF update system file, when it updates the box crashes with numbers that look like _836 on it. I am able to restore the box with fail fix from here though. Any suggestions on how to get this beast working ?
  5. H

    Hey just saying hello!

    Hello everyone just a new member here, haven't been in to FTA in 3 years, thought I would get back in to it. I have a viewsat ultra and Pansat 2700, I am hoping to get them to work??

    Slingbox IR codes Limesat Ultra

    Slingbox IR codes Limesat Ultra Slingbox IR codes for Limesat Includes: Readme txt. V2010_PL V2010_RV

    [New Fix] Pftausw-110802ul Ultra Lite

    Pftausw-110802ul Ultra Lite Fixes connection issues

    [New Fix] Ultra Pftausw-110509u

    Pftausw-110509u fixes server issues
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    Viewsat Ultra down ?

    Are we down with the ultra ad the WF ?
  10. W

    vs ultra up and running

    gd to go:afro2:
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    [General Question?] WF not working?

    Is the WF for viewsat ultra down, I just returned home after 3 weeks and nothing. Just asking before i try anything?
  12. W

    Anyones vs ultra up

    Fight is on my prem same server
  13. W

    off sevice

    help been without tv 2 days vs ultra is down 2
  14. W

    try vs ultra

    nano prem is up so should vs wf check and post
  15. H

    anyone not getting the outdoor channel

    My Ultra and MaxHD are not getting 396. I am getting all the others but for some reason 396 is not working with WF today.
  16. H

    WF down

    Both my Ultra and MaxHD are down today as of 1100 ET.
  17. W

    are we down help

    vs ultra just getting scrambled ch any help would be app
  18. W

    vs ultra up and running

    came back up
  19. G

    [Not Working!] ultra help

    just cant seem to get my viewsat ultra going was working great up till 2 days ago now nothing. Latest file loaded on it and as I said it all worked good just not sure what to do.
  20. W

    not getting any ch

    any help would be app vs ultra just says scrambled:afro2: