1. K

    Need Help With Loading Sat Files on Older Pansat & Viewsat STB

    I have an older Pansat 2700 Clone and a Viewsat 2000 that I haven't used since the old "testing" DN days. I want to refresh the files so I can sell them. I need a Viewsat and Pansat uploader for Windows 7. I have an old Blacklist loader which doesn't work in Win7. I also need a current sat...
  2. S

    hello from spearfishman

    Trying to get back into this fta scene after several years absent. Last I dealt with it was when we had a black out because of nag3 deployment (I know I am so out of date). So I sort dismantled the dish and took a break. Anyway, I am so out of dated, hope to get up to speed again. Last I...
  3. M

    XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat. Use IKS without dongle/hub only serial cable

    Credits goto goofather im just spreading the good news. I've tested with my old cnx nano that was in the closet for years. Using linux can be a pain for some so here's a windows app that works great !! XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat Supoort DESCRIPTION XX-CLIENT is...
  4. T

    Viewsat Ultra trying to setup with win xp pc how to do

    hi guys i need your help, i got viewsat ultra receiver with win xp pc i am trying to setup all with rocket code. I am using Null Cable on my PC to VS Ultra. 1)-so i loaded this 3 files on vs ultra successfully PFTAUSW-100318U PFTAUSW-100322U PFTAUSW-100320U 2)-i use this also wfemu-0.2.2, then...
  5. J

    True Fta Help

    Hi Guys, Looking for some help I'm trying to get some true FTA channels but not having much luck maybe If I list what I got someone can't help me figure out what I'm doing wrong!!! I got a Ultra with factory bin 146 I believe (got from here Thanks) got a 121 Superdish FSS stacked LNB I've...
  6. S

    Viewsat 9000hd w/WF ?

    I did all the steps to proclaim my victory but for some reason I am comming up short handed. I have all the channels uploaded just can't seem to get video or audio.. Could I get a little help?? I get channel 101..
  7. D

    iks for dummies

    trying to get back up to speed here.. (haven't watched tv shows except through laptop and monitor since everything went down a couple years ago. i did try out netflix for canada but it's not really up-to-date and doesn't work with linux, kids can access it through their xbox, for me it means...
  8. F

    VS Ultra WFEMU issue not communicating with software

    Im not sure what im missing here but my setup works fine with my VS 9000, I connect my ultra to the same setup and its not communicating with the box. When i go into serial setup>Network s/w upgrade it shows New software DX-X00-N APP 2.00.19 and Tekz Windows WFemu, and on the WFemu i can see...
  9. W

    struggling with 700s

    wish i would have got a manual.cant get sats to stay in,cant get quality on 119.when i hook up my old vs ultra,all is fine,good signal and quality on both sats.very confused.need lots of help please.
  10. CASPER

    Viewsat Wfemu for Windows V 0.2.2 FEB 20, 2012

    Viewsat Wfemu for Windows V 0.2.2 FEB 20, 2012 Release February 20, 2012 new release Version 0.2.2 released. - Ability to minimize Alternate WFEmu to system tray - Added start_in_tray= setting to wfemu.cfg - Added lock_auto_config_file= setting to wfemu.cfg - Added server_name= setting to...
  11. askendria

    The new FTA receiver "Freesat 800 HD"

    The new FTA receiover Freesat 800 HD just came into market, the receiver will work in both iks japan public and private servers. Note: BEV is down in this receiver only at this time due to problem with file. Attn. site addminstrator, please have a new receiver fourm/thread for freesat 800 HD...
  12. Magicone

    [General Question?] X-FTA Viewsat 9000 Info, No Picture

    :worked_till_5am: Hello All. Just got my x-fta. Hard to find info so .... Using Viewsat 9000 hd Did the cleaner firmware, latest factory file, loaded PFTAHDSW-110509H, Factory rest after each. Rescanned sat. D**H channel 101 works. Set up x-fta to japan server info. Log file looks like this...
  13. M

    [Confused!] X-FTA: Private Server?

    Hey guys. So like many I am trying to get my Viewsat Ultra to work again. It seems that the new thing is the X-FTA router. I can get one no problem but I am not entirely clear on what I need to use it. After reading the tutorial 'Viewsat and XFTA: how to...' a few times, the instructions do...
  14. T

    Limesat air ? Can't get 119. DISH IS A SUBBED DISH WITH 110,119,129 AT 82 %

    when setting up satelites, all come up as 110... no mater what config i use, when i get a signal it always shows 110, have reset,rebooted, factory reset loaded 121,over and over still get 110 satelite....also i noticed in network settings there are nothing in the DHCP pane all zeros, and...
  15. E

    help me

    i have view sat and i think to switch over with dream box could tell me if this receiver working good or not? and how i can setup it thank you:upset:
  16. G

    Windows XP WFEMU Set-up Instructions

    Please help with link to or instruction for setting up WFEMU with windows XP operating system. I have viewsat 9000HD. Not sure how to get PC to communicate with receiver. Thanks in advance for assistance.
  17. No Warranty

    MPs urged to give up 'platinum-plated' pensions

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the pension fund for MPs is a massive ripoff for taxpayers and should be shut down. More...
  18. CASPER

    WfEmu for Windows 7

    WfEmu for Windows 7 everyone that is even interested should head over to com0com Sourceforge page and grab either the 86/32 or 64 bit version of their program depending on what operating system your currently running, might be hard to find the downloads, BUT IF YOU LOOK CLOSE UNDER THE...
  19. A

    VIEWSAT 9000 w wf down???

    AM I the only one who is not down right now? for the past few days I have had no channels beside 101 signal good all updated... is my WF bad?
  20. S

    [General Question?] Viewsat Ultra, will not take WF update

    I have a Viewsat Ultra that will not take the WF update system file, when it updates the box crashes with numbers that look like _836 on it. I am able to restore the box with fail fix from here though. Any suggestions on how to get this beast working ?