1. A

    [Help!] what I can do with my Xtreme

    Hi everyone I have a viewsat xtreme, but this device is useless for long time, even weather forecast does not work for, if I understand correct? So I decade to buy another one, but I am not sure which one working on this day to watch DN. Please help me P.S. For ex. LimeSat Ultra

    Viewsat Xtreme USER MANUAL

    Viewsat Xtreme USER MANUAL
  3. hobo2

    viewsat xtreme

    working enjoy mt friends
  4. whitewolf70

    ariza xtreme

    Hey all I have a ARIZA xtreme sitting on the shelve aftre reading form after form im lost. there is a fix..there isnt.....convert to this convert to that....I even downloaded a pile of CONVERT toooo.......I know im not that slow but the intructions are not helpfull to me...1) should i leave it...

    Ariza Xtreme Fix haddad_292_Pariza

    Ariza Xtreme Fix haddad_292_Pariza Ariza Xtreme Fix haddad_292_Pariza ==================================== Sept.30.2008 -This is the new file for converted ariza's Its been a long wait but tested and finally working for anyone who did not give up on the Xtreme

    Xtreme Channel List

    Xtreme Channel List Goood 4 b3v 91/82 w vs EXTREME...
  7. scotty2hottie076

    [Attention] vs ultra, plat, xtreme fix (2-14-08)

    vs ultra, plat, xtreme bin (2-14-08) is working for B3V 08/14/2008

    DBPSW-080617X.zip - 949.49KB

    BEV FIX Xtreme - DBPSW-080617X

    DBPSW-080612X.zip - 950.62KB

    Xtreme - DBPSW-080612X BEV FIX USE @ UR OWN RIXK :cool::cool::cool::cool:
  10. Domando1069

    Viewsat Xtreme DBPSW 080204X

    Viewsat Xtreme DBPSW 080204X B3V Fix
  11. Domando1069

    Xtreme DBPSW 080127X

    VS2000 XTREME Latest Fix
  12. A

    latest fix for xtreme

    latest fix for xtreme use at your own risk
  13. Rumas

    Viewsat Xtreme Review

    The Xtreme has all of the same features and technical specs as the Platinum model plus TRUE HARDWARE BLINDSCAN and COMPONENT VIDEO OUTPUTS! Features: Fully MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant Input Frequency 950-2150MHz Supports EPG, PIG Supports SCPC & MCPC from C / Ku-band 1 LNB Input Tuner with...
  14. darklist

    VS Xtreme Fix DBPSW-071024X

    VS Xtreme Fix DBPSW-071024X Oct 24-2007 VS Xtreme Fix DBPSW-071024X
  15. Rumas

    VS Xtreme DBPSW-071007X Oct 7 2007

    VS Xtreme DBPSW-071007X as of Oct 7 2007. A/R Fix. Enjoy!
  16. C

    VS Xtreme DBPSW-070911X Sept 11 2007

    Latest A/R for DN.
  17. darklist


    Latest News: August 17, 2007 3:55am EST Here is the new fix for veiwsat Xtreme darklist
  18. Rumas

    DBPSW-070523-X May 24

    Here is the lastest bin file for Xtreme.
  19. darklist

    Xtreme 4-11-07

    Xtreme 4-11-07 DBPSW-070411X ------------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2007.04.11 - Main software : DBPSW-070411X - Bootloader : 0.0A * Change ( Main software upgrade ) - AR Option(Off/D only/B only/All) - Display in all channnel with V/N/L information - In existing file...
  20. darklist

    new fix

    this the new Xtreme fix