Brock rumas deli classic italian subs


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six 10” bakery fresh sub buns
sharp provolone cheese, sliced (or asiago)
1 lb mortadella, sliced about 1/16”
1 lb hot capocollo, sliced about 1/16”
1 lb genoa salame, sliced about 1/16”
iceberg lettuce, sliced to 1/2" strips
tomatoes, sliced 1/4"
sweet onions, sliced 1/4"
Good Seasons Italian Dressing
(use 20% olive oil, 80% canola oil + water)
pepper, fresh ground
oregano, dried

Slice open sub bun, leaving it ‘hinged’, and hollow out the bottom half. Add ingredients as follows:

Lettuce in hollowed out bottom half of sub bun, plus some Cheese.

Layer the meats in across top and bottom of sub buns, overlapping bun edges (layered on wax paper ahead of time, then transferred).

Next, Mortadella - Hot Capocollo - Genoa Salami (stop here and refrigerate if making these ahead of eating time).

Tomato slices across the whole sub. Sprinkle generously with oregano, salt and pepper. Italian dressing across tomatoes and meat; Onions.

Fold ingredients from edges to middle of sub, close, cut in half and serve.

if your ever in St Louis, MO this is a great Sandwiches, and Wraps restaurant ..and try there
Prosperity Sandwhich and remember the good old days with the ruma's open faced roast beef delight, complete with provel cheese, gravy and garlic butter.
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