DeLaHoya vs gangstaloser


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That my friends is what I called that would happen hype-hype-draw in the crowd-and go to decision.That is what I call B-------!! Boxing sucks and the way that they try to suck us all in to watch and pay....(lol) ya right! IF I had to pay for that I would like to see everyone except Oscar hang for that debacle.This is how they try to draw attention to a sport and it doesn't help to erase the black eye that this sport has recieved over and over again.
I thank God and everyone else that helps us watch tv for not as much money as it should be for not costing me anything for that WWE performance of the "sweet science". In my unprofessional opinion that was a money grab for BOTH of those pugilists.If I may say so to the both of those "boxers" that were involved with that charade last night take your money and ride on into the sunset and PLEASE do not fight again because there will not be any interest except for the guys wearing blue or red bandanas in the corner of the "pretty boy".

This is just my opinion.