Saying "Hello All"


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Yup I just signed on yesterday and took the plunge! I thought I could learn something new here. Been a dabbler most of my life and now have time to pursue one of my hobbies! Ran up and down the highways in all corners of America for 30 years and close to three million miles. Always wanted to go to the two states that I've not been to, betcha can't guess those lol cant drive across the water and never been to Alaska! Been in some foreign countries too... Now I'll just have to look at them on the tv which leads me here. Thank you, Admins, for the membership. I started to see if the android set top boxes were like sat tv somewhat but found out depends on what you want to watch. I had always been interested in sat tv but it was just too damn expensive and required buds. But now its come down :uncomfortableness::uncomfortableness:quite a bit since the day! I got ahold of a Viewsat vs2000 Ultra and cant get it to scan properly. I run a scan and it always tells me during the scan "failed" so I can't see any channels being saved when I back out of settings It says no channels. So I go in 2 the settings and look at the S/W bootloader 0.0E. Main s/w 1.24. Satellite U00D. Checksum Check "ok" ! I am at a loss here and am ready to pull my hair out!