GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 16 - Mr. Philips


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Although this shows as a Michael mission on the map, you can trigger it with Michael or Franklin.

Go to Michael's house to begin the mission and watch the cut scene.

A new playable character called Trevor is now unlocked.

Now jump in the truck, be sure and wait for Ron and Wade. Head to the way point and watch another cut scene.

Now follow the van and the two bikers. Its a long drive to the next way point and the roads are pretty windy. Take the turns carefully and don't worry about crashing.

You have a choice to kill the two bikers or not, but leave the van alone. The safest way is to bump the bikers with the truck when you're close enough. Or you can shoot them if you're a good shot. Just look for a straightaway.

Now get out of the truck and start killing bikers.

Trevor cannot use slow-motion, but he is awesome at killing with his special ability. It boosts his attack strength and lowers the amount of damage that he receives.

As you kill the bikers, keep behind vehicles and homes. Watch your mini map to be sure nobody sneaks up behind you.

You can also shoot the trailers that have propane tanks. You'll create a massive explosion killing anyone close by. It can hurt Trevor as well, so use some caution.

Trevor also has more guns than just the Handgun, so switch if you want to.

Return to the truck once the bikers begin to run. Now head to the next way point, and push the trailer into the river. Once you have control of Trevor again, you can choose to spare or kill Ortega. If you choose to spare him, you will need to kill him later. Once you choose, get back in the truck and drive Ron home.

To get Gold:

  • No Survivors - Kill the fleeing bikers after the battle. This is a little tough, but not too bad, since they show up on the mini map. Try to kill as many as possible before they begin running.
  • Headshots - Kill twelve enemies with headshots. Use your Handgun for this.
  • Time - Complete the mission within 12 minutes. Try your best not to crash the truck when driving. Exploding propane-tanks in the trailer park will help.
  • Trailer Trashed - Cause $5,000 of damage to Ortegas trailer. Ram into it as hard as you can, for as long as you can.
  • Lost and Damned - Kill the-two-bikers accompanying the van during the chase. Ramming them is much easier, than using your gun.