GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 17 - Nervous Ron


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Trevor wants to eliminate his competition and he'll let nobody get in his way.

Head to Trevor's trailer and Watch the cut scene.

Now get on the four wheeler and drive over to Ammu-Nation. The guy behind the counter will give you a Sniper Rifle and the advanced scope for free. While your here, you may want to buy armor as well.

Now get on the four wheeler and head out to the water tower, switch to your Sniper Rifle.

Using your scope, locate Ron. He will be waving around far to your left.

Once Ron begins walking, he'll spot a guy near a patrol tower to the right. Take him out and keep your sights in this area.

Quickly take out the two lights nearest the tower to avoid detection.

Wait for the van to fully stop and only shoot the driver when Ron says so.

A third guy will emerge from the top of the tower, quickly shoot him.

Two more guys will show up, one on the tower and the other under it. Take them both out.

Pan right and take out the guy who emerges from this building. Wait and another one will follow him.

Get your sights back on Ron on the right. Another guy will show up, take him out.

As Ron is setting the charges, a helicopter will show up on your left. Wait for it to swivel around and remain still for a few seconds. Shoot the pilot through the windshield.

Now ride your four wheeler over to the hangar, taking out any guys in your way.

Once they are mostly cleared out, run into the-hanger and head for the plane.

Now while laying on the wing, kill anybody near the plane. Note; you can spin around and shoot behind yourself if needed.

Aim for the tankers and vehicles, you will get some easy kills from the explosions.

Now take off in the plane quickly, bikers will swarm the plane if you don't.

For the rest of the mission, you will now be flying. Be sure to stay low to the water, as you will be shot down by the military if you don't.

Hit the "A" or "X" button to drop the cargo.

Beating Ron back is needed for gold.

Again watch out for the military base on the way back, just keep low.

Now for the hardest part of the mission, you need to land the plane!

Line yourself up with the runway back from a distance, before you get there. That way you will be lined up when it comes into view.

Keep your plane level, only lightly touch the controls, to correct the plane position. If you begin to bank when approaching the airstrip, you will most likely crash. Abort the landing and circle back for another try.

Slow down on your approach, but do not slow down too much, or your plane might stall. Just hold the brake with short bursts.

Don't forget to deploy your landing gear on the approach. You will crash if you don't. To Deploy the landing-gear, press down on the left control stick. Beware to not deploy it too quickly, you will have less maneuverability, and the plane will rock back and forth. Wait till almost the last minute before you deploy them.

To get Gold:

  • Headshots - Kill five enemies with headshots. You should do this when you're sniping from the tower.
  • Time - Complete the mission in 12 minutes and 30 seconds. This is not a lot of time, considering you have a lot to do. Most likely you will need to practice to obtain this.
  • Nervous Twitch - Win the plane race against Ron. Not too difficult.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane - Fly under 6 bridges, found along the flight path. As you're flying you'll see a total of six bridges that you can fly under. This one will take practice and it is doubtful you will get this on your first try.
  • Death on a Wing - Kill all the bikers while lying on the wing of Ron's plane. Not too hard, so long as you watch your mini map.