GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 43 - Caida Libre


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Time for Michael and Trevor to perform another free service, but just when will they get paid.

Head to the Madrazo ranch in north Vinewood Hills.

Approach the door and watch the cut scene.

Now drive to the observatory.

Once there, hop over a fence and get in a van parked on the edge of the mountain. You will have control of a powerful gun.

You now need to shoot down a plane in the sky.

Aim for the red box in front of the plane, repeat this 3 times.

You will be switched to Trevor.

Now chase the plane, it's a lot easier than it looks, stay as close as you can. You don't need to stay on the road, cut right through anything in your way.

You will need to jump a train, just hit the ramp straight and you should clear the train.

Once the plane is down, go kill anyone left alive.

Then go inside the plane and grab the files.

You will be switched back to Michael.

Drive the van off the road immediately, plant a sticky bomb and destroy it.

Now find another vehicle and head to the way point.

Trevor will call you and tell you the plans have been changed so instead head to the cement works.

Watch the last cut scene and the mission will end.

Note: Trevor and Michael will be unavailable for switching for a while. So get some Franklin missions done.

To get gold:
  • Glued to the Seat - Reach top speed on the dirt bike. Look for some straightaways and get it to top speed. Don't fall off the dirt bike during the chase. Be very careful when you're off road.
  • One Two Three - Shoot down the plane with only three shots. This can be hard, you may need practice.
  • Time - Complete the mission within 9 minutes and 45 seconds. Don't waste any time.