GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 61 - Architect’s Plans (Both)


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Lester needs the FIB building plans. Guess who's going to get them.

This mission is prep work for The Bureau Raid mission.

Before you can begin this mission, Michael needs Franklin to call him about the architect.

Once he does, you will be automatically switched to Franklin. He's already at the construction site.

Walk in and follow the person getting out of the red car wearing a grey suit and a white construction hat.

Keep your distance, if you get too close he'll get spooked. Just walk, don't run.

When he gets on the lift, use the other one and keep following.

Once at the top he will stop, wait for him to move again before you continue.

Once he's alone, kill him and take the briefcase.

Now quickly leave the construction area.

Once out, head for the garment factory.

Now go up the stairs and plan the Bureau Raid.

Remember, who you choose will greatly affect how the mission goes.
  • Cheap crew means harder mission, but more money.
  • Expensive crew means easier mission, but less money.

To get gold:
  • Quick Getaway - Leave the construction site within 45 seconds. Once you have the briefcase, run!