GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 7 - Marriage Counseling


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This mission is a Michael mission, though Franklin can initiate it as well.

Proceed to Michael's house, approach the front door to start the mission.

Now get in the truck when the cut scene ends and start driving. Follow the tennis instructor.

Be careful the streets get very windy up here, and you're driving with Michael not Franklin.

You Eventually lose the guy, just Keep following the waypoint into the Canyon. It'll eventually lead you to the instructor's house. You must stop the truck on the yellow marker. Getting out of the truck will not trigger the cut scene.

Once it's done, get back in the truck and gun the motor until you get another cut scene.

Now once it's done, you will be headed back to Michael's house. You'll receive a phone call from an ill-tempered woman. You'll then be pursued by some thugs in cars.

As soon as you can switch from Michael to Franklin, do so. Michael will drive automatically for the rest of the shoot out while you shoot with Franklin. He's not the greatest shot but you should be able to keep the thugs under control. Just Aim for the windows or if you're a good shot the wheels. Don't let these guys get too close or they'll ram and shoot your truck.

Once they are all taken care of switch back to Michael and make your way back to his house.

Enjoy the final intense cut scene.

To get gold:

  • Not a Scratch - Complete with minimal damage to the truck.
  • Time - Complete within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. You will need to be fast, which may be challenging in a truck. Eliminate the targets tailing you as fast as you can handle.
  • Time - Kill at least three enemies while in the vehicle. Switch to Franklin as soon as the thugs start shooting. Make sure to Shoot for the passenger first, driver second. If you kill the driver first, the car will spin out, and you'll lose a target.

GTA 5 Mission 7 - Marriage Counseling - Michael's point of view: