How do you fix a ipod that's frozen on the apple start screen?


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I charge my ipod from the wall, same screen. I charge my ipod on any laptop/PC, same screen. I reset the ipod to see if the image would go away, same screen, and it stays there.It's been having the same start screen since 3 PM yesterday after noon.. help? I would like to fix this by myself.I have a ipod nano, and I already tried resetting the ipod more then 10 times.
well im assuming that you have an ipod touch, if so you should unplug it and let it completely die then once it dies plug it in again. if that doesent work then you should take it in to an apple store
I normally wait until the battery dies, but you can also try holding onto home and the on button for a reset.
I know this is an old post but for anyone else who has a problem like this I would suggest doing what James said if that doesn't work take it to an apple store.