Manitoba MP wins filmmaker Moore's support



A New Democrat MP has recruited American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore in her fight against a foreign mining giant in the northern Manitoba city of Thompson.

Niki Ashton asked Moore to help spread the message about job losses in her hometown after Vale, a Brazilian company, announced the closure of a local smelter and refinery previously owned by Inco.

Moore has agreed to post on his website a YouTube video and blogs by the Manitoba MP and by those who have lost their jobs, Ashton said in a release Tuesday.

The video already appears on the Thompson city website. The Canadian government approved Vale's purchase of Inco in 2007.

Late last year, the company announced the closure of the Thompson smelter and refinery by 2015, with the loss of 500 jobs in the community of 14,000.

Ashton said Thompson's problem is similar to that of Flint, Mich., Moore's hometown and the subject of his film, Roger and Me, which documents the closure of a General Motors plant.

"The story of Thompson parallels what the people of Flint ... faced," Ashton said in the release.

"Our community is the latest victim. Our goal was to get our message spread globally. We are fighting back."