N3xt rev 2.1 rev 002.1

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N3xt rev 2.1 rev 002.1

Revised thread locking for improved performance with multiple servers. Concurrent network connections
with load balancing between concurrent connections. Each server is tested for a good response and those
giving good responses will be used round-robin. The number of concurrent connections and acceptable
response times are fixed for now, I'll add them to the config screen after a few other projects
in progress get finished. Latency and connection problems will be mostly unnoticed with several servers running.

Console replaced by a gui screen. There is still some work to be done here, remember position on extended
monitor and copy/paste. You can still log to a file. But there so many other changes and improvements
it didn't seem reasonable to hold back waiting for those last items.

Config screen being a modal window eliminated.
Link in zip to the VS2008 runtimes updated to sp1.


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