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Yes all I do know that a whole bunch of people think that Nascar is not a sport.There that has been said and now all they do is turn left and sometimes right....but did you know that these are some of the most down-to-earth guys and girls in all of sports? No superstar in Nascar EVER gets caught slapping his wife,not paying taxes,cheating on his partner,etc and so on that is almost a weekly or monthly thing that happens in the MLB,NFL,NHL,NBA especially the NBA.I know that all sports have their idiots and Nascar has Jeff Gordink and Kurt Busch(couldn't think of a good analogy for like that Gordink I thought of it myself) anyways I just wanted to put it out there so it is said.Please tread lightly and check out your back yard before you come and bash Nascar.
Just remember that every time you hear the word NASCAR it is usually followed by these seven words... and I quote "the fastest growing sport in the world".

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