NEW Laser TV! Forget DLP, LCD or Plasma!


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New TV technology that uses a laser to display images on your TV screen.

Instead of using a DLP (digital light processing) chip, or an electron gun as used in 'regular' CRT (cathode ray tube), or the display technologies used in LCD (liquid crystal display) or plasma TV technology, Arasor have developed a laser display engine to beam images onto your screen, with astounding benefits, including an incredibly rich colour range far exceeding conventional plasma and LCD TVs. Units set to be available in stores by late 2007 or early 2008.

Whats the Advantages
One major claim of laser advocates is the ability to produce undiluted, perfect colors allowing precise hue mixing. With the color enhancement capable with lasers, up to 90% of the visible spectrum can be displayed. Plasma, LCD, CRT and DLP only can only display 30-35%. Other improvements that laser advocates claim are bulbs that will never blow out, and increased efficiency by using two-thirds less power than traditional rear projection televisions.Historically, however, lasers have been too bulky and expensive for widespread adoption.
The laser technology advocates claim that the technology will allow displays with a richer, more vibrant color palette than the conventional plasma, LCD or CRT displays.

They also claim the displays will:
  • be half the weight and cost of Plasma or LCD displays
  • require around 25% of the power required by Plasma or LCD displays
  • be very thin like Plasma and LCD displays are today
  • have a very wide colour gamut
  • have a 50,000 hour life


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Very cool!! Great post! Just when you think it's safe to buy a new HDTV something comes along! What's next Halographic engines?