Overpass snow plowed onto car


WHDH-TV - Plow sends snow off overpass, onto vehicle

LEOMINISTER, Mass. -- A driver escaped injury after a chunk of ice fell from an overpass and hit his car in Leominister early Saturday.

Jason Goodwin said he was driving on Route 2 when a pile of snow suddenly shattered his windshield.

“I just trying to keep control of the car and get safely off to the side of the road,” said Goodwin.

Bill Borque was right behind Goodwin and was glad he just had his wiper torn off by the torrent of snow.

“It was like a waterfall of snow and ice and whatever coming down,” Borque said. “I was just trying to stop without hitting him or anybody else behind me…luckily I didn’t.”

Safe but shaken, the men looked back to see how the snow came flying off the 190 overpass they just drove under.

"I wasn't too happy, I looked back and I could see, you know, the town trucks, or state trucks, up on the overpass and I knew that it was coming off their plows,” Goodwin said.

A state Department of Transportation spokesman said the agency has identified the contractor who tossed the snow off the overpass and they won't be plowing for the state anymore.

The contractor will also have to pay for the damage he caused.

Jason said things could have been worse if his wife had been in the passenger seat, or his son had been behind the wheel.

"I was thankful that it wasn’t him traveling somewhere in the morning because I don’t know if he would have kept it on the road,” Goodwin said. “The outcome of it could have been greatly different."

Goodwin said he’ll continue to drive that same route after his windshield is repaired.