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I found that it erases all settings and everything has to be reset again.

To save on time, please, save your current settings on usb. Then, after you either lost them, or they were erased due to new BIN installation, re-flash your STB with saved database file. It will automatically restore all your channel lists, favs, and other settings, saving a lot of time.

Database files created by Limesat are named LimesatUltra CXdatabase. All of mine saved on my USB are approx 38Kb in size.

It is very simple process.
1. Insert USB
2. menu>multimedia>USB menu> if you keep your Limesat files in a specific folder, then open that folder> press orange button>ok>yes>ok

IT MUST SAY "SAVING DATABASE" ON THE SCREEN, or file will be created, with 0 size and completely useless. Also, CXdatabse file created by my friend's limesat was only 18Kb in size, and it does not work.

I update my database several times a year. TPs change, new rescans are done, favs are added, it is wise to have it all saved.

Keep in mind, YOUR CX file is for YOUR limesat only. Seldom it will work on someone else's, as your setup is particular for your particular hardware.

Mods, might be a good idea to sticky this, as I was pm-d with requests to explain this process..
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